Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


The hour ride home was silent. The dinner with Aaron’s dad didn’t go at all as planned, and Aaron’s been in a bad mood since. He pulled into my driveway and parked the car. Without a word, he turned the car off and got out. I sighed before climbing out and following Aaron up to the front door. He’d grabbed my bag for me and carried it on his shoulder.

I unlocked the door and we went inside. We found my mom sitting on the couch with Sophie. They both looked up when we entered. A large smile spread across Sophie’s face as she hopped off the couch and ran to Aaron.

“Daddy!” she exclaimed.

“Hi sweetheart.” he said, picking her up and kissing her cheek. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” she placed her small hands on either sides of his face. “We go home now?”

“Yeah, we’re going home now.”

“She was a perfect angel.” my mom said. “She didn’t complain, much. And she slept through the night. I took her to the park a couple of times and we played a few games. She only cried right after you left and hasn’t cried since.”

“Thanks again for watching her for me. It really means a lot.”

“It was my pleasure. How was your weekend anyway?”

I looked at Aaron, who seems in a better mood, but it’s probably so Sophie won’t pick up on his bad mood.

“It was great.” Aaron replied with a smile. “We really got to know a lot about each other.”

I furrowed my brows. Is there a reason he’s lying? This weekend wasn’t perfect, but it definitely wasn’t great. Maybe he doesn’t want her to know about the party?

“That’s good. I’m glad the two of you had some time alone together.”

“It’s getting late and we have school in the morning.” I said.

“Ready to go Sophie?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah.” she nodded.

Aaron put her down and picked up Sophie’s bag beside the door. He placed the bag on his shoulder and took Sophie’s hand.

“I’ll walk you out.” I said, following after them.

I gave Sophie a hug before Aaron lifted her into her car seat and buckled her in. He shut the door and faced me.

“See you tomorrow?” he said.

I furrowed my brows. He’s been ignoring me since we left the restaurant and that’s all I get?

“Actually, I’d like an answer as to why you’ve been ignoring me for the last hour or so. Are you upset with me?”

“Why would I be upset with you?” he took my hand in his. “I’m just extremely pissed off at my father. I didn’t mean to take it out on you. Forgive me?”

He poked out his bottom lip as he gave me a pleading look. I sighed and rolled my eyes. He knows there’s no way possible for me to say no to him.

“Of course I do.” I responded.

“I love you.” he gave me a quick kiss before saying goodbye.


I arrived to school and was met by Aaron at the entrance. He gave me a long, lingering kiss that made me slightly uncomfortable.

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