Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


The clothes we found in the lost in found weren’t that great. I ended up calling my mom to bring me clothes. Although class had started while I was still waiting, Aaron stayed and waited with me.

“You’re going to get in trouble.” I told him. “You should go to class.”
“No, I want to wait with you. After all, this is my fault.”

“You didn’t pour coffee on me.”

“No, but I provoked Fawn. I told her to leave you alone and that I would never have been interested in her. Fawn hates rejection. In her mind she’s the perfect being. I promised you I’d make her leave you alone, but I guess that was stupid.”

“At least you tried. That’s all that matters.”

My mom walked into the office with a bag in her hands. When she looked at me she sighed.

“Who did this to you?” she asked me.

“No one important.” I answered.

“Luckily I brought hair and makeup supplies too. Come one. Let’s get you all dolled up again.”

I followed my mom into the nearest bathroom and she rinsed my hair out in the sink. After drying my hair, I dressed in the clothes she brought. I slipped on a high waist black skirt that stopped at my mid thigh and a quarter sleeve burgundy crop top that clung to my body, meeting the top of the skirt. I slipped on the black lace up ankle boot heels she brought. I combed through my hair while she did my makeup.

After she was finished, I looked myself over in the bathroom mirror. When I thought I looked fine, I thanked my mom and gave her a hug.

“Now get to class.” she said before leaving.

I went to the office and found Aaron still waiting there for me. He looked up at me and his mouth dropped.

“What?” I asked him, looking down at my clothes. I thought I looked okay.

“I thought you looked hot before, but this outfit just changed my mind.” I smiled and felt the blush come to my cheeks. “Let’s get class.”


After school I met Aaron by the exit. He wants to start our date tonight as soon as school is over. I saw him walking towards me while talking to a friend. When he reached me, he took my hand in his.

“Hi.” his friend said to me. “I’m Caleb, this guy’s best friend.”

“I’m Victoria.”

“Make sure he takes you on a good date. Sometimes he can get lazy.”

“I’m not going to football practice, but you are. Don’t be late.’

“Yeah, yeah, I’m going.”

Caleb turned and walked back down the hall. Aaron lead me out to the parking lot and to his car. He opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in.

“Where are we going?” I asked once he was in the car.

“It’s a surprise.”

“A surprise? Are we going somewhere special?”

“Just wait and see.”

After a while we pulled up at a park. A fair was set up. There were rides and carnival games set up.

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