Chapter 19 - Funeral and a Promise

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Funeral and a Promise

The music was a looping piano and violin melody that smoothly played out from the well hidden speakers. The dimmed room emphasized the lit up platform that held the coffin. Framed by a mini-mountain of flowery pigments, it was closed. Despite the embalmer’s best efforts, Kris’ head and hands could not be sewn back together. Though his crisp burial suit could hide and give form to his crushed chest, Kris’ mom did not wish to have her son’s unattached head displayed on a pillow like a ritual offering.

Reyna and Dante were among the dozen or so students that skipped school to attend the funeral. She and him were stiffly sitting in the way back, towards the darkest part of the room. Upon the sermon’s opening, Dante’s hand –laced within Reyna’s fingers– kept twitching. Each movement of his palm rubbed her guilt deeper into her. Despite the horrified and churning sensation in her stomach, she had attended. It was the only way a sense of redemption could be granted to her for her knowledge and silence of Kris’ death.

 Reyna shivered. Mundus kills humans. How many has he killed behind my back?

“Reyna,” Dante’s voice, low and raspy, rose from his throat as he brushed away the tears that sprung from her eyes. He gripped her hand tighter. “Thanks for being here.”

While Reyna was choking on her thoughts, Dante also simmered with his own. Reyna had not mentioned anything about his love declaration to from a few nights ago. He wasn’t surprised. He was just waiting. Though that seemed to be all he did now with Reyna, this particular wait was one that would determine the outcome of more than just their relationship.

He sighed. Damn it, Kris. This is messed up. Who would want to do something like this to you? Why? I remember you calling me that night before you died. What did you say? I can’t remember all of it.

He clenched his jaw.

What was it, damn it! I wish I could just remember! Maybe I could have saved your life… If only I had something that could have protected you.

Dante’s eyes suddenly widened.


Foolish wench! Mundus mentally spat.

Obviously, he had not attended the funeral, stayed away as far as the invisible chain he had with Reyna allowed him to. The distance wasn’t as great as it once was. He was falling weak. Each passing day that he could not revert back into Reyna’s physique etched more of his strength away, forcing him to not stray from her as frequently as he used to. 

Mundus was perched on a sturdy tree branch. He was outside Estronwood city limits, accompanied by isolation and trees. The sun that peeked through the foliage was minimal, but it was enough for him to feel a hint of warmth. The sensation was strange. Usually demons hardly felt the burdens of the mortal world’s climate.

His sword that was stabbed into the tree’s trunk above his head suddenly sprang into a loud whine.

“Such annoyances you spew!” he barked at it. Nonetheless he plucked out the blade and jumped down from his seat. Rushing towards the location the sword sang to him lead him to a two lane country road, devoid of cars. A lone figure was walking by the side of it though.

She was a young woman in her early thirties. Her brunette hair was swirled up into a sloppy bun. In her hands she held an empty, dented bucket that seemed well placed with her blackened, dirty jeans and checkered button up shirt. She seemed to be trudging along towards a well hidden farmhouse off the road.

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