Chapter 33 - Bleed Out

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Bleed Out


Mundus paced back and forth with his arms crossed over his chest. His sheathed sword bounced off his leg with each frustrated step. Anger and aggravation seeped from him, confining him in a shell of malice.

“That’s not gonna make them come out,” Cerus said. He was sitting under a mesquite tree watching Mundus frantically walk in circles. Erian was several feet away, standing silently, but observing nonetheless. Cerus didn’t understand how they could stand being out under the sun. Granted, demons did not succumb to intense temperatures as humans did, the sun’s light was still a bother.

“Their whereabouts can now be sensed,” Mundus harshly spoke, his pacing unhindered.

“Yeah, but what good would it do to attack them now?”

“My capability is beyond adequate enough to swiftly destroy their numbers.”

Cerus sighed. “But that’s not all of them. The ones we sense are strays. It could be a trap.”

“Of course I comprehend such a fact. I simply desire combat.”

He remained quiet, knowing the real reason for his agitation.

They had been outside in the same spot for days, lingering a few miles from Amon’s hideout. Mundus refused to go away any further. However, they had not seen as much as a demon or a human, Reyna included, and the lack of communication with her caused Mundus’ irritation to rise with each passing hour he did not see or hear from her.

Cerus smiled thinking it was kind of cute for him to worry so much.

“Are you not frustrated as well, Erian?” Mundus said.

The addressed demon spoke, “Azul keeps me company at times like these.”

Cerus snickered. “I’m sure she does.”

Erian glared at him but he only laughed harder.

“Silence!” Mundus roared finally halting his stride. His growl was aimed at the ground, and he was glaring at the sword by his side.

“Was that for me or for Lina?” Cerus grinned.

Mundus’ growl grew. “Such was aimed at each!”

The Shape Shifter kept his grin. “You’re just grumpy because Reyna hasn’t contacted you yet.”

“What has caused this spewing of brave words?” Mundus snarled, black stare on Cerus.

He bowed his head. “I am sorry. I have been disrespectful as of late and I apologize.”

The moon demon eyed him before saying, “Lina wishes to relay a message to you.”

Cerus bolted up. “What?”

Mundus’ sword gave a short shriek before the mentioned Spirit emerged out of it. Lina’s exit was simple and quick, stepping out from the silver blade as if exiting from a room.

“Master!” she cried out, her face reflecting her anxiety. “This one–”

“Simply account it to him!” An annoyed Mundus spat out to her.

Without hesitation, she followed her order and turned towards Cerus. Surprised, he blushed when she quickly floated up to him. A sigh emerged from Erian followed by “idiot” whispered under his breath.

Lina looked at Cerus with wide eyes. “Flow is hurt!” she said. “Did Master’s companion not hear Flow’s cry too?”

Cerus face fell. A mask of seriousness took over. Several hours ago he had allowed the Spirit to take off on his own. Flow usually left out of Cerus’ range of sensing him, but the wolf’s own heightened senses always lead him back to his master. “No. What’s happened to him?”

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