Chapter 24 - Playing with Clay - Part II

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Reyna flattened out the mud and then divided it into four equal parts: for the head, the torso, the pair of arms, and the pair of legs. Grabbing one, she rolled it into a ball. As the mud smoothed out in her palms, it amazingly began to strongly solidify. It did not fall apart or dry up. In fact, it felt like genuine molding clay.

She perched the sphere on top of the fingers of her left hand. Extending her right fingertips towards it, she began to sculpt a head. As her fingers moved, a built up of some sort of force exerted from them. It was a familiar feeling yet more concentrated and whole. Tamer than the last time she used her powers.

Her fingers danced over the mold, dozens of microscopic knives on each fingertip. As she worked, the clay became lighter in color, making her progress visible. Though small, perfectly minute details –eyelashes, small face creases, hair strands– of Mundus’ visage could be seen. Soon, Reyna was holding a small replica of Mundus’ head in her hand. She placed it aside on the table. It stood solid and sturdy on its neck stub.

She picked up another piece of mud and repeated the process, sculpting arms, legs, and a torso, adding folds of clothes where appropriate. She had been especially nervous when she had to do the crotch area, but she managed her best. The absence of Mundus’ teasing immensely helped.

At last, she placed all the body pieces together. Each contact was a perfect connection. The clay doll in Reyna’s hands was a grey color about a foot tall. The flawless details were undisturbed by her touch.

 “Whoa. They actually fit,” she said, astonished.

Amon watched in silence as his niece’s overjoyed face. He had watched in silence as she meticulously used her powers to create the body of a demon, something that was unheard of thousands of years ago. The necklace had helped immensely. Not only had it guided Reyna, but it gave her the confidence to take on the Body Construction perfectly upon her first try.

Do you like it, Mundus? Reyna bashfully asked.

“It appears adequate enough,” he responded.

Reyna rolled her eyes, knowing that was the best answer she was going to receive.

“Now what?” Reyna asked her uncle.

“For now,” Amon said and took the Mundus doll out of her hands, “we place this outside to allow the Healing energy to expand. Go back to the room you woke up in and wait for me there.”

Sitting once more on the potholed bed, Reyna pulled her legs into her arms and rested her chin on her knees.

You’re going to have your body back, Mundus, she told him, staring at the floor. She wished she had her mirror.

“You fear entering Demon World,” Mundus said. The heavy apprehension radiating from her could be felt by anyone.

She hugged her legs tighter. Yeah. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to fight a demon. Much less confront a lot of them in their home world.

“Do not fret. I shall aid you.”

But what if the body I made doesn’t work? Or it falls apart? Fear suddenly rushed into her. What if your soul is lost forever? I mean…summoning a soul is a really big thing. And a demon’s soul is probably harder.

“If the temporary body were to fail, I would simply return to you. However, I doubt such an event will occur. You possess the adequate power to accomplish such a feat for you Summoning abilities lie in the highest tier of such Magika.”

I’m still scared, Mundus.  Hot tears graced down her cheeks.

Mundus’ presence suddenly fortified. “Recall that I shall accompany you, regardless of what comes about.”

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