Chapter 13 - Verses From the Past - Part II

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Twin Blades

They were the daughters of the Watanabe Clan's leader. They were referred to as the Twin Blades even though they were a year apart. These two sisters, Ayame and Toyoko, were prodigies of their clan. "Death by beauty," they had said when the two sisters had slain their first demons. Toyoko was five years old and Ayame was four. After that they had grown used to hearing that expression everywhere they went.

Toyoko, the eldest, had been born early in the morning right after the sun rose, and Ayame was born a year later deep into the darkest of nights, something the clan members saw as a bad omen. It was believed that the night was the time of demons. The clan never did anything at night, not even train. Unless there was a demon attack, the clan members didn't fight at night.

The time of birth seemed to have an effect on the sisters. Toyoko seemed to perform her best during the bright hours of the rising sun and Ayame had more access to her power when the days fell into night. Their power was above even the strongest of the men in their clan. Trained by their grandmother, Riku, they were constantly bumping heads in their sparing battles, each trying to prove the other wrong in who was the most powerful. It would always end in a tie.

The clan members did not like Ayame fighting at night, so they told her not to. They limited her training to the evening hours if she wanted to train in any darkness.

Still, the sisters were harsh and brutal and strong. The Twin Blades trained the most than anyone else in the entire clan. They were the jewels of their family and clan and the talk of the country. Unstoppable and powerful, beautiful and young, they were the envy of women and the dreams of men.

Reyna's summary, though a tad crude, was a general condensation of the dozens of pages she had just read. Though there were detailed accounts of the sisters' earlier years, the ending of the story promised the following entries to hold longer, more detailed account of their teen years.

Reyna braced herself. And so I learn about you, Ayame.

 And so I learn about you, Ayame

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Green Luminations

As the sisters grew, so did their power and spiritual senses.

Toyoko's speed was amazing. She was the fastest person in her clan and was claimed to be the fastest person in the country. She was an expert with hand to hand combat which paired with her speed made her deadly.

Ayame's powers were also dramatically growing. Her strength and skills increased every day. The capability of transferring her spiritual energy to her arrows grew more accurate, and her healing regenerations seemed to heal her wounds quicker each time.

Despite Ayame's time of birth, the clan members were all witness to her great power and would treat her with respect that only highly ranked Dominors from their clan would receive. Toyoko was also praised just as highly.

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