Chapter 7 - The Scarred Guest

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The Scarred Guest

"No! No! NO!" Reyna's palms gripped the small mirror's frame. It creaked with threats of breaking, but Mundus' reflection remained intact along with his taunting grin.

"What are you smiling about!" she hissed.

"Such amusement you gift me."

"I'll give you something to amuse you! Bastard!"

"Such energy should have been fed towards the cleansing your living quarters."

Reyna remained silent, pouting. She was sitting on the beige love seat in the living room. It was now free of any party litter. The three-set, recently vacuumed couch furniture was back in its crooked half circle facing the wall mounted flat screen. The polished coffee table back in the middle of the room while the smaller versions of it framed the couches.

The huge mirror where Reyna and Mundus first met was back in its place on the wall opposite of the TV. As long as Reyna sat on the love seat while in the living room, her reflection would not be seen.

"You could have helped me, you know, while you were awake." She scowled.

Reyna had woken up to her 7am alarm to clean and tidy up the house from last night's party. The bags of trash had accumulated to the point where they no longer fit into the garbage bins outside. Her neighbors' bins had sufficed.

"It would have been fun seeing you with a trash bag." Reyna laughed.

"Do not degrade me," Mundus said.

Her smile was a tease. "Why not?"

The mirror reflected his silent irritation.

She sighed. "Okay. This is not helping. What am I going to do now that my parents are coming back?"

He lifted an eyebrow at her at the thought that crossed her mind. "I doubt such an atrocity as 'burning you on a wooden stake' shall occur," he assured.

"You don't know my parents! They're evil."

Her words made Mundus laugh. "I doubt such a claim as well. Do recall I possess the power to at times suppress out exchange if need be."

"Yeah. Because that worked so well last night."

"Do not retort as such to me. The power of the full moon is unconquerable. On lesser cycles I can surmount it."

"So as long as it's not he full moon, you can just reverse or suppress it? Quickly or will it take forever?"

"It is quite swift."

Relief poured out of her. "Really? Thanks, Mundus!" She hugged the mirror, surprising herself and him. She pulled the mirror away, blush evident on her face. "Sorry, I got carried away."

"I am quite adorable." He smirked.

"Ugh! I'm getting rid of you!" Reyna heaved off the couch and went upstairs to her room and shoved the mirror under her pillow, its spot of safekeeping. Mundus' protests were drowned out by another voice.

"Reyna! Honey! We're home! Are you awake?"

"Oh crap! It's mom!" Reyna jumped. "I didn't even hear the door open!"


"Reyna," a deeper voice, Mr. Felix's, called.

"Coming!" Reyna huffed, Mundus laughing at an alien concept only he had the luxury of knowing. Come on, Mundus, quit-

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