Chapter 30 - In the Ashes - Part I

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In the Ashes


The lone room was off limits to all demons except Gahn. It was his personal space, given to him by Auronmar for his loyal service. It was Gahn who had rescued Auronmar from Blethinette the day she rebelled against him. His quick thinking and quicker Teleportation skills had taken the king far from the civil battle that had broken loose.

Blethinette had been successful in her siege. Her current castle was simply a remake of the old one that had once been shared by the two demonic monarchs. Auronmar was forced to build his own fortress, one that constantly had to be moved and hidden to prevent a second attack from the ambitious demon queen and her powerful Sight.

Gahn’s private room that had been built especially for him was simple and mostly used as a meditation space. It was here where he would hone his mental skills or polish up on his knowledge of humanity. Wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling were huge and heavy bookshelves –the only furniture in the room. They were filled with books: copies of famous historical human writings, human theory books, and common human literature. Several copies were written in multiple languages.

Wedged between the bindings were personal notes. Written in Gahn’s peculiar demonic dialectal, the curved, brown pages held detailed scribbles of the similarities and differences between the psychology of humans and demons, the similarities of their psychical appearances, and their comparable environmental nature. Other sheets contained records of their differences, mostly relating to their distinct means of nourishment. As Auronmar’s right hand, it was important and beneficial for Gahn to know as much as he could about the human culture if he was to help defend it.

Gahn stood next to one of his bookshelves under the brightly illuminated chandelier of hanging torches. He stared at the dark wood holding the books, briefly remembering when he had cut down one of the demon world’s monstrous trees in order to build his shelves.

I don’t understand why Master Auronmar let him back in, Gahn thought running his eyes through his collected data. If he felt irritated, it did not show on his face. He still believes there is hope within his son just because he thinks he has fallen in love with a human. Gahn sighed and picked out a book only to put it back. I’m not so sure Mundus is in love with this human or he just loves who she reminds him of.

He then spun away from the bookshelves, sensing the actual moon demon walking towards his direction. Mundus had arrived to the fortress about a week ago, discovering it through a rare means. He had called out to Auronmar, and the soft-hearted king allowed him access.  

Under his king’s orders, Gahn had not crossed Mundus. However, he had said nothing on the possibility of the prince himself approaching him. Though Gahn knew Mundus had obtained his true body, the Magika he was sensing from him was still staggering. It was like Mundus was a walking whirlpool of fire. As he inched closer to Gahn’s room, Gahn felt like he was being drawn into the inferno vortex, flames searing him. He pushed the intense sensation aside as Mundus entered his quarters.

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