Chapter 15 - Strike

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It had been a simple and relatively painless separation. Though night had not exactly fallen, the ivory full moon that outlined the sunset sky provided enough power for Mundus to pull it off. It was done in Reyna’s enclosed room, the process almost a personal undertaking for them both. Reyna and Mundus briefly glanced at each other. There was a quiet understanding within them, one that had layered onto them since the night the truth of the Watanabe Clan had been discovered. It told them not to directly speak –not yet at least–of what had been learned.

“Thanks for this,” Reyna awkwardly said, referring to Mundus’ undertaking their early separation.

The demon did not speak. He had not said much since that night.

“Mundus,” she walked over and reached to touch his arm. “I don’t have to go. I can stay if you want.”

“Such is no need,” was his response and beelined to the closet for his sword. It was easier to stash it in there than having to reach for it under the bed.

“You sure?”

Mundus gave a short, throaty sigh that discouraged Reyna from saying anything else. She walked past him into her closet to pluck a light jacket. There was a long, body sized mirror nailed to the inside of her closet door she had neglected to pry loose during her mirror sweep from so long ago. It was there where Reyna’s gaze landed on. As always when they separate, she saw herself. And her eyes. Their Egyptian blue color had literally darkened to a deep cobalt overnight.

Shocked at their appearance, Reyna blurted brought her hands up to her face. “My eyes! Are they bluer?”

Mundus heard her words, and felt a tinge of sorrow slither in him. He pushed it away. In fact, he pushed the multiple thoughts –Ayame’s death, the absence of his body, the lurking figure that haunted him and Reyna–that were plaguing his mind away. Presently, Reyna was the one standing before him and teasing her never failed to entertain. “Bluer? Does such a word exist?” he retorted to her words.

Reyna literally sensed it. The uplifting of his spirits. She closed the closet door and looked at him. He flashed her a cocky grin. The one that had gone unseen for months. She laughed. He raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

“What prompts such laughter?” he inquired, fully aware of why she was.

“Nothing. Just…I wonder how I’m going to explain this if anyone notices.” She pointed to her eyes.

“Perhaps your sight has fallen under an optical infection.” Mundus crossed his arms.

“What? No. That’s stupid!”

“I believe the stupidity lies within your belief that this mortal nuisance harbors concern over the hue of your eyes.”

Reyna now was the one to cross her arms. “Who do you mean by ‘mortal nuisance’? If you’re talking about Dante, then I’m sure he’ll notice, but it doesn’t matter –hey! Are you listening to me?”

Mundus had already lifter the room’s window with one hand and held his sword with the other. “Your drabble bores me. I shall take my leave in hopes of securing a kill.”

“Kill?” Reyna’s body froze, old fears haunting her mind. “No humans, right?”

Mundus simply grinned at her. It was a genuine and assuring. Reyna smiled back at him before he slipped out the window and darted out of sight. She too took off. Thanks to Amon’s Sight spell over Mr. and Mrs. Felix, leaving the house whenever Reyna pleased was an easy feat. As usual, she chose to walk to her short destination. It was a few minutes past seven, and it was going to take her about twenty minutes for her to walk to the meeting spot. Dante certainly wouldn’t mind her tardiness, but after the talk that’s going to take place, he might not be feeling as forgiving.

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