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Fayre by Nikkireadw
Fayreby Nicole
Melissa Crawford thinks she's just a regular teenage girl. She goes to school. She has friends, boy problems, know, the typical teenage angst. But she cou...
Quick Transmigration: Male lead, Your overpowered! by _LunaCeleste_
Quick Transmigration: Male lead, Celeste
This is not my story, I only put it for offline reading!! It belongs to 素手折枝 Translation aren't mine, it belongs to NovelOnlineFull and flying lines https://m.flying-lin...
OffSpring | paused by XxRiah916Xx
OffSpring | pausedby ...
Highest Ranking || #1 in Vampire (5/2/18) /// #8 in Fantasy (8/31/18) ° ° ° Imagine yourself waking up abandoned in a hotel bedroom with the smell of sex loitering in th...
The Wicked & Divine by lunaaperez
The Wicked & Divineby LunaMoon
In the Bible, hell is where the souls of mortals are sent for eternal damnation. And The Devil is the being who mercilessly crushes them over and over for eternity. Exce...
Love Me Diabolically || Meliodas by sophiacarr
Love Me Diabolically || Meliodasby Hades
Tangled in a web of torment, Caught in the middle of a raging war, Cursed to atone for her sins, She was forgotten, betrayed, and hated For saving the one she loved and...
Never Trust A Human (Reader x Lloyd) Re-done by JekyllandHyde01
Never Trust A Human (Reader x Darla
Reporter: "okay, you can start when ever you want. Um, you don't need to mess with the little mike on your shirt" You: "I'm just trying to... keep this...
Heart Thief by heymercuryy
Heart Thiefby mercury
On the day Myra promises that she will never again use the power she was born with and give up being a Loreli, she receives an invitation from Hell itself asking for hel...
Floating Stars by Fayesther
Floating Starsby ⭐ Fairy Star ⭐
Astrid is an artist who creates incredible masterpieces inspired by her dreams and visions from her vivid imagination. But lacking memories of her life before one ominou...
Luminescence by hazyshadow
Luminescenceby jess
A dystopian romance in which two superhumans from light and dark fall in love. • On August 21st, 2164, Mara Winters will discover she is not a normal human being. She wi...
Midnight Curse (Yoongi X Reader) *[Temporarily on Hold]* by PicklePot8
Midnight Curse (Yoongi X Reader) * PicklePot8
"Give me a reason, find a reason to keep living... You must find someone that will give you what you desire most,... love...This curse I place upon you this midnigh...
Water {Elements of Power 2} by makexbelieve
Water {Elements of Power 2}by Heather James
"Water pooled around my feet, rising at an alarming rate. I stared - panicked - at the palms of my hands, willing the water gushing out of them to stop as miraculou...
Doorways by lamyles
Doorwaysby lamyles
Taylen is loving her first year of college until a routine drive home catapults her into a medieval land where trust is a luxury she can no longer afford. Alone in a lan...
The Dewdrop Kingdom by Dreamcatcher221b
The Dewdrop Kingdomby Dreamcatcher221b
Follow Clare as she stumbles across a door, not knowing how to make her way there as there is no conventional way to reach it. After all, it is in the sky. Meeting myst...
Ivory and the Flame Gem by KoreParker
Ivory and the Flame Gemby Kore Parker
----------------------------- BOOK 1 |:| ELEMENTS OF KZTEL ----------------------------- Ivory Raintear is a water-elemented elf that lives in Cloversplash, a world fil...
VENOMOUS by moodymoon789
She was sprawled on the muddy floor looking up at him with blankness as he finally looked down on her. Just as she moved to sit up, he moved forward and stepped on her h...
The legend of Hector James. by omyoung
The legend of Hector I AM MYSELF
This is a story about the mystery, adventure and magic. When one discoverers that he along with one more are the children on which the fate of the entire world depends...
Ivy's demons  by Dragon_cat_girl
Ivy's demons by Dragon_cat_girl
What would it be like if you were to meet a guy who is from another realm, a realm you never knew existed? This is the story of a girl named Ivy, who meets a guy named X...
The White Spirit (Stiles Stilinski) by ChristineWalter2
The White Spirit (Stiles Stilinski)by Christine Mwende Micheni
After the nogitsune, no one wants to associate with Stiles. He's lonely with a drunken and abusive father, no friends and his frequent hallucinations, nightmares and lon...
Fire & Betrayal ( A Loki FanFic ) by Cady-Pie
Fire & Betrayal ( A Loki FanFic )by Valentina Sekemoto
"She turned around briefly and Loki saw the most crystal clear blue eyes in all of the nine realms." Angelica is an assassin from Femgard, the 10th realm of t...
The Princes Of Hell by A_Norama
The Princes Of Hellby No.Rama
Blinded by rage and vengeance, all Azazel wants is the title of Prince of Hell, he wants Lucifer's crown and he would go through anyone and anything to get it. Lies, bet...