Chapter Fourteen

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Sky's POV

I wake up and see I'm back in my room. I roll over and look at me clock and I see that it's 12:00am. I roll over and see Cade next to me and then I relies that I'm in his room not mine.

I sit up and grab a book from the bookshelf above his bed and i decide to read until he wakes up.

I feel him role over and he chuckles. "What?" I ask him and his eyes shoot open. He then instantly pulls me into a hug. "Cade what's wrong?" I ask him again and he looks at me in the eyes. "You scared me that's all." He says and I laugh. I get out of be and go to my room and have a quick shower and then head down for breakfast. When I get down there I see Cade is already down there.

I then realise that no one else is down here but me and Case. I look at him and he smiles at me and continues to cook breakfast for both of us.

He puts a plate full of pancakes in front of me and walks around the counter toward me. he puts a light kiss on my cheek and sits down and eats his own food.

Every time I look at Cade he smiles at me and I can't think why. when I finish I put our plates in the sink and I squeal as I'm picked up bridal style by Cade as he takes us back to his room. he puts me one the bed and walks over to the draws he opens the top one an pulls out a back. He hands it to me and I see a bunch of things wrapped up. I open my mouth and he laughs. "Please don't tell me you forget you own birthday Sky!" He says to me and I jump of the bed and he gives me a hug and I hug back.

"Thank you so much Cade!" I say to him and he smiles at me once more. We walk outside and walk over to the benches. he pulls me onto his lap and we watch the waves crash into the rocks down below at the beach. While we sit there we don't relies that Ashley and Jack are standing right behind us. "Hey love birds." Ashley says and I jump off of Cade's lap and he growls when I do this.

"DON'T DO THAT ASHLEY!" I yell at her and she cracks up laughing along with Jake how gets pushed to the ground by Cade.

Cade's POV

I was so mad at Ashley ad Jack ruining that moment with me and Sky but I don't think sky minded that much. I can't help but wonder about what to do these holidays.

"Oi Cade!" Jake yells at me and I role my eyes and turn around and see him sitting on then bench with a letter in his hand. I take the note and see that the girls have gone. I open it and instantly rip it up and through it over the edge of the cliff. "She's your sister let her into the pack she hates being rouge.

I sit down and put my head in my hands in frustration. I then feel small hands around my neck and I pull Sky into a hug. I stiffen as I smell a rouge behind me and I growl louder then ever. "Cade its just me." I hear a familiar voice say and I stand up setting Sky down on the bench. I then walk over to Selina (my sister). But as I do she try's to step away from me but I pull her into a hug. I feel her start to cry and I hug her more. "Where have you been?" I ask her and se looks me in the eyes. "I've been living a painful lonely rouge life that's what." she says to me and I take her over to the others and I could smell that the rouge smell has left her.

I finally have my sister back and in my pack. I just hope she stays forever and not go back to being a rouge.

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