Chapter Thirteen

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Sky's POV

I could hear some of the conversations that some of the kids were having and I could tell they were about me and what I was doing hear.

I heard a couple of gasps as some of them saw the mark on my neck and the instantly lowered their heads. Cade smiles at this but me on the other hand feels quiet nervousness

"Well kids looks like we have found out who your Luna is. Now I want everyone to shift so we can go for a run!" coach says to us and I stiffen.

Ashley must of noticed this because he glares at Cade and he looks down at me. "Hey. No one will think your a weird wolf being the only one left of you kind. Your a Moon-gaze wolf they will know to respect you like they do me." And with that we all shifted. I herd some wolves gasp and I looked down at my pure white paws. "Well kiss look like Sky is not only your Luna but he is the most rarest wolf in the whole world." Coach says and all of us cheer. I raise my head and smile at Cade.

'Race you!' I tell Cade through the mind link and he smiles and I take off toward the forest with the others not far behind.

I turn my head and see Cade and the others catching up to me. 'Run their not far behind, and I'm enjoying this it's like a massive game of gang. NOW RUN!" my wolf yells at me and I pick up my pace. I then relies how tired I am when I turn and see Cade running next to me. We race through the woods together enjoying the freedom. I then turn around and head back to school running strait through the middle of the school group.

Cade's POV

Running through the forest with my mate made my wolf howl with joy. I didn't want to stop running next to her but she then turns around and runs back to school and my wolf whines.

I run after her straight through the middle of the ret of the class and tell the to follow back to school and they do. When I get back I see sky is already changed an in human for and I go get changed to. All of us are now changed and I'm heading over to Sky. She smile weakly at me and then I see her start to fall. I run over to her and she falls into my arms and I see she fell asleep.

Sky's POV

I wake up with an arm around me and the other one moving. I open my eyes and see Cade doing a survey along with all the other kids. I see him look at Ashley who tilts her head toward he and his head shoots toward me and he smile. "My beautiful mate is finally awake." he says to me and I smile.

The teacher then comes over to me and hands me a survey and a pencil. I thank her and start. Once I finish I hand it up to her and see that everyone else had already done.

I walk back over to Cade and snuggle up to him and I feel him chuckle and I hear a few people saw 'awwww' and I blush and Cade smiles at this. next thing I know I have fallen asleep.

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