Chapyer Sixteen

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Ashley's POV

It feels good to see Sky and Cade back together as happy.

Cade kicked his sister out of the pack after he found out what she was doing and to be honest I don't blame him. I walk around to Jakes office and see him working on some things.

"What you doing now Jake?" I ask and he smiles and looks up at me.

"Not much. You?" he asks me and I walk over to him and sit on the chair next to him.

"I was looking for you." I say to him and he nods.

"What for?" Jake asks me and I look at him.

"I haven't seen Sky for three days. I don't know where she is. Or Cade." I say and he pulls and onto his lap and I look at him.

"They're fine." He says and I glare t him.

"Jake where are they?" I ask him and he sighs.

"To be honest I don't know. They jut mind linked me about ten minuets ago and said they were fine." He said ad I nod.

I get up and walk to my room. I open my door and see Sky sitting on my bed. I the feel strong heads cover my eyes. "GUYS WHERE ON EARTH WERE YOU!" I yell at them and they burst out laughing and I see Jake doing the same. "I am going to slowly and painfully kill each and everyone of you." I say ad I start laughing with them until we start to cry. I get up and walk over to Sky and give her a hug.

Sky and I sit there and chat for a few hours while the boys I think work on alpha and beta stuff.

We walk down stairs still talking when we hear smashing of glass and lamps and other stuff. we go over to Jakes office and see it isn't coming from there. We then literally run over to Cade's and find that it is coming from there. I look at Sky and she nods. I leave her standing there and walk over to Jake's office.

Sky's POV

I open Cade's door and see t a complete mess. I step in the room and see Cade holding someone up by the neck against the wall.

"CADE!" I scream at him and he looks at me and let's the person go. he falls to the ground and Cade walks over to me. With every step he took toward me I took a step back until my back hit the wall. He kept coming toward me until he was right in front of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my into a hug. he put his head in the side of my neck and breathed in. He pulled away and I then saw the other person. I instantly recognised him I looked over to the seats and saw another person. I never told anyone that I had two brothers that left when I was 14. Zack? Mike? I ask and they smile at me. I ran over to them and they both pulled me into a hug.

I turned and look at a shocked Cade. I laugh at his face and he continues to stare at me and my brothers. 'Cade these are my brothers." I say and introduced them. "This is Zack." I say and point at Zack "And this is Mick." I say and point at Mick. He just nods. "Hi." he says and we walk out of his office and Cade shows them to their rooms that they will stay in. I walk up to my room and see that all my stuff is gone. "What on earth?" I ask as Cade walks in and grabs my hand. He takes me over to his room and see that all my stuff is in there. I look at him and smile.

Cade wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me to him. I look up at him and smile. he smiles back at me and we walk out and down to the kitchen.

We sit down and eat in silence with Ashley, Jake, Zack and Mike. the silence was not a weird silence but it was a nice silence.

When we finish Ashley and I walk outside while my brothers and Jake and Cade have a talk.

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