Chapter Five

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Errrrr not this again. When I role over this time and look at my phone my eyes nearly popped out of my head. "TURN THAT TV OF. ITS 1:00AM IN THE MORNING!!!" I screen at them and hope they can hear me. which they did because the sound gets turned down.

"Calm down Sky they just can't sleep." I hear the familiar voice of the person my wolf goes crazy over. Alpha Cade. "It's 1:00am can't they turn it down when they turn it on?" I ask and Cade chuckles "Haha good luck with that" he says.

Cade's POV

She roles over and glares at which makes me laugh. "Go away." She says in a voice that makes me laugh. I start to make my way out of the room and she whines again. And I just smile.

Sky's POV

I am going to kill my wolf scarlet if she dose that again. Then it dings on me why he is acting like that and why my wolf whines and acts weird around him.

Alpha Cade is my mate.

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