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Alpha Kael by Midika
Alpha Kaelby Evoke;
*BOOK TEN* (Can be read as standalone) "We call him out God. Because we have no other choice." Discipline and order is not Jada's choice. And after graduation...
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I run from my own pack by sebear13
I run from my own packby sebear13
Sky is 17 years old and has the best pack anyone can wish for. The Whitestone pack has been Sky's home for 10 years. When Sky finds out that the alpha of the Whitestone...
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Invade My Heart♡ by malia0323
Invade My Heart♡by malia0323
Marcy is a girl who doesn't seem to fit in with the other girls. She goes to a school were they train immortals. When the headmistress announces that the girls will be t...
Sold To A Gang Leader by Scarlette_dawn
Sold To A Gang Leaderby Cammy
First time
Alpha Aiden(under editing) by Cherub_A
Alpha Aiden(under editing)by Ara lee
Centuries past, a rare power arose above the surface of valmot. It shook the world violently yet in peace. Its serenity blew calmly like the cold breeze of the ocean at...
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Elemental wolf by sebear13
Elemental wolfby sebear13
Jade is 16 years old. Her life has twists and turns throughout it. Little does her family know that Jade who they thought was normal, is actually a werewolf. But not jus...
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The Bad Boy Who Shot Me by Scarlette_dawn
The Bad Boy Who Shot Meby Cammy
"Sometimes Bad boy can be good for a Girl"he said as he kissed my forehead. "You know Athena,that I will always love you right?"he said looking at me...
This is about Mara a hybrid and a witch who has to be married to the head of the pureblood cult but declines and falls in love with her guard
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A DAGGER TO MY CHEST by EdithAnyakee
A DAGGER TO MY CHESTby Edith Anyakee
"I wish I were a little girl again because skinned knees are far easier to fix than a broken heart" Short story, inspired by 'teardrops on my guitar' by Taylor...
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Royal wolf by sebear13
Royal wolfby sebear13
Scarlet and her Wolf Sky have a secret they have kept from their whole pack including Scarlets so called alpha mate. Scarlet knows that she has to tell someone but she j...
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A Blessing In Disguise. by OluwayemisiRose
A Blessing In Disguise.by Oluwayemisi Rose
If my life was a movie or novel I would probably be described as the sinister sort, the bad person that tries to come between the two main characters so she can have the...
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My wolf(original;repost) by bubblessss23
My wolf(original;repost)by bubblessss23
"hey bastard! Who are you?" He stares at me for a second before answering. "Auxdener. The leader of this camp. Whom I assumed that you should put some res...
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Most of the times we are unable to express what we really feels... what we really wants and needed..especially to the person which is very special for us .. and from who...
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drawings  by emmie2020
drawings by emmie2020
this isnt really a story I'm just gonna try to draw some suggestions that y'all give so yah... here we go
Rejected then Accepted by sebear13
Rejected then Acceptedby sebear13
"I know I rejected you Thea, but I regret it." I'm stuck between my so called mate and my bedroom wall. "Why did you reject me if you now want me?" I...
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A WHISH TO SET FREE  by sarahnadihaz
Story of sally a girl who life is life is full of ristrictions,never letting her free to enjoy as others .Secrets that she can't explain to her friends.The pain that...
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The Billionaire's Daughter Is A Street Fighter by shaniceannikie
The Billionaire's Daughter Is A St...by Shanice Solomon
Seventeen year old Trissania Blake has had I rough life. Living with the lost of the brother. Street fighting Is the only way of coping. Live the life of hurt, betrayal...
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His Hope by zaynarhab
His Hopeby zaynarhab
It about a girl whose parents are stinky rich and didn't have time for her While she was having a hard time in school because she also spend her time parting and getting...
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My Girl In Disguise by Harielbella
My Girl In Disguiseby Hariel Bella
This is the story of Alexander Pearl Grey, a very popular teenage female celebrity who want to be like normal people and live a normal life and she ended up disguising...
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Summer Boyfriend by nutellaluverxx
Summer Boyfriendby Torie
She has to pick between her best friend and her 'lover'... ...Her husband and her soul mate... ...Her arranged marriage and the one she wants.... Her life is a story of...
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