Chapter One

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Sky's POV

Errrrr I thought to my self as I lay there listing to the TV two floors down. They have to be doing it on purpose just to irritate me. I role over and look and my phone. "4:00am" I yell. They must of heard me because the TV sound was turned down enough so I could not here it at all.

Boys these days, always watching TV really early in the morning. I decided I would try and get back to sleep. "Sky." I heard someone whisper. "Sky wake up!" the voice said again. "Buzz, off. trying to sleep." I say in a mere whisper so I didn't wake anyone else up. After a bit I decided that whoever it was gave up on me because they stopped saying my name. My eyes shot open and I see my brothers mate and my best friend Ashley tickling me to death. "Ashley.... Stop." I said trying hard to control my laughing. Ashley and I decided we would go down stairs to make some pancakes.

As we made it to the bottom of the stairs I can smell someone already cooking pancakes. I glance over at Ashley and she just grins. We walk over to the kitchen and see Jake my brother cooking pancakes. Jake has black hair and green eyes. people say he is goth because he normally wears all black but he isn't. Jake is the beta of this pack.

Ashley and I sit at the bench and Jack hands us both a plate of pancakes. Man he has to be the best bro ever.

Jake then tells us he has a meeting with alpha Cade and he won't be long. "What you want to do today Sky?" asked Ashley as we made our way back to my room. "Umm how about we go shopping because I really need new clothes." As soon as I said that Ashley grabbed my hand and dragged me to the wardrobe. She swung the doors open and though me and outfit. I went over to my bathroom and got changed. I then did my hair in a nice high ponytail. I then put on a brand new pair of blue wolf earrings.

After I finish I open the bathroom for to see Ashley wearing white skinny jeans and a purple long sleeved top. Well she was ready to go.

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