Chapter four

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Sky's POV

Finally school has finished for the year. Ashley has determined that I get a hair change and I agreed to that so we are now on our way back to my room to get changed.

After I'm done getting ready to go we jump into Ashley's black Lamborghini and drive to the mall.

I have decided that I want to get my hair dyed pitch black and get a small trim so that it is just above my waist.

Ashley and I are now up in my room sorting threw my clothes and putting new stuff up the front and old at the back. When we finish I go and sit on my bed and turn on my TV. Ashley says that she has to go with Jake and get some things. so once again I am hiding in my room hopping like crazy that alpha Cade doesn't come in.

Looks like my luck runs out pretty fast. I hear a knock on the door and tell whoever it is to come in. And boy was that a mistake. "Hi Sky." Cade says is his nice voice. "Hi alpha, what is it you need now or are you just seeing if Ashley and I are back yet?" Why dose my wolf act so weird around him?

Cade's POV

I try to calm my wolf down when she speeks to me but we both know that he won't and that makes me go crazy. She my mate so why don't I just tell her. I was about to but something deep down tells me not to. "Alpha?" she asks me after I have been silent for to long. "nothing it's ok just thought I heard you call my name. That all." I say to her trying to calm down. "Umm ok well......" but she stops mid sentence because I know she is trying to:
1: Calm her wolf down and 2: trying to think of what else to say.

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