Chater nine

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Sky's POV

I wake up to sun shining in my eyes. All I remember shifting, getting picked up by the scruff of my wolves neck and then falling asleep. then I relies that Cade......

My eyes open as fast as I let them. I sit up and scream. "Calm down Sky." I hear someone say to me. I look over to where the voice came from and I see Cade sitting there facing me reading a book.

He looks up and places the book on the desk. He then gets up and he makes his way over to the bed. I scream and get up as fast as I can and run to the door trying to open it but it is locked. I turn around and look at Cade. I slowly back up so that I can in the corner of the room.

"Please don't scream again and try and run I won't hurt you." Cade's voice sounds hurt so I calm down a little. He opens his arms to give me a hug and I run into them. "I would never hurt you Sky!" I close my eyes an the next thing I knew I was asleep..... Again.

Cade's POV

Finally she is fine around me. I think she might of just been scared or something because she is now asleep in my arms.

I hear a knock at my door and I growl. "WHAT?" "Alpha it's me your beta. listen umm Ashley wants to know if Sky is alright?" Jake's voice I could tell had a mixture of emotions in it. "She is fine. She's sleeping!" I growl and I hear him leave.

I place her on the bed and I lean back on my pillow and fall asleep.

I wake up to someone lying next to me. I sit up and go over to my desk. I look over at Sky and see she is still asleep.

Sky's POV

I feel the bed sink an I feel something fluffy lie next to me. I open my eyes and I see Cade in wolf form. I smile at the felling of being close to him.

He shifts and roles over looking into my bright blue eyes. I looked into his green eyes and smiled.

I got out of bed and went to my side of the wardrobe, got out an outfit and went and jumped into the shower. I took a while to wash my hair from the five days of running.

I got out and went down stairs to get some breakfast. I cooked enough pancakes for me and Cade.

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