Chapter twelve

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Ashley's POV

After I found out that Sky had been marked by Cade I was happy for her but I knew she wanted to be with Cade.

"Sky come with me for a min" I say to her. "Where are we going?' Sky asks me. I just smile at her and she then looks forward smiles and runs to Cade.

Cade and I spoke with the headmaster and he said that it was ok for Sky to join al the classes we had together so she won't miss Cade much and get distracted.

Sky's POV

I was on my way to my English class when I two people grab my wrists. when the person on the right grabs my wrist sparks fly up up my arm and I then know its Cade and Ashley. "Guys I'm going to be late!" I say to them. "No you won't" Cade says to me. "What?" I say. "Sky after you get marked you don't want to leave your mate, so." "Sky!" "Yes Cade?" "Go get changed for sport." My eyes widen after he says this. I run up to him and give him a hug not wanting to let go.

I run to my bag get my close and run to the changing rom knowing they will wait for me. We all go out to where we are supposed to meat as I get a couple of smiles, concerned looks and glares from some kids. The ones that smile are my other friends in the pack.

I run from my own packWhere stories live. Discover now