Chapter Ten

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Sky's POV

I was walking upstairs when I am slammed against the wall by the third in command in the Whitestone pack. I struggle against his grip but it is no good. Tyler's grip was just as bad as my brother's and Cade's grip.

I was about to scream for Cade but Tyler puts his hand over my mouth so that I can't scream.

He pulls his hand away ad brushes the hair of my neck where Cade's mark is supposed to be. "Pity, looks like he doesn't love you enough to mark you." Tyler moves his mouth to my neck and his canines extended. I then scream for Cade.

Cade's POV

I was sitting on my bed reading my book and thinking about how long Sky is taking to cook pancakes. Maybe she is talking with Ashley. My thoughts were interrupted by a piercing scream.


I jump off of my bed and run down stairs. My wolf Smoke is trying to take over but I don't let him until I see Sky being held up against the wall with Tyler's mouth near the spot where he mark is supposed to be.

I see tears coming out of Sky's eyes and at seeing this I don't hesitate on letting Smoke my wolf take over. I have Tyler pinned up against the wall in a matter of seconds.

He grins at me and I growl. my hands around his neck but not gripping him to hard because I needed answers. "WHY!" I yell at him. "I could tell that you loved her but never knew you didn't love her enough to mark her." he informs.

"Your banished." I say in my alpha tone and he walks out the door, shifts and from now on he is a rouge.

I turn around and see Sky huddled up in the corner with Ashley giving her a hug. I walk over to Sky and Ashley goes over to Jake. I pick Sky up and my wolf purred knowing our mate was in our arms.

I carried her up to my room and put her under the blankets and see she is asleep. I climb into be and let sleep take over me. I couldn't help but feel angry for what Tyler tried to do.

I run from my own packWhere stories live. Discover now