Chapter Three

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Sky's POV

"ERRRRR" I screamed I pushed my homework off the desk and put my head in my hands. I was so frustrated I didn't even here the door open and someone walk in. I was in the proses of calming myself down when I felt the paper brush parts my arm and someone take the pencil out of my and and set it on the table. I slowly lift my head and find myself looking into the green eyes of the Alpha. "Sky take a break!" he says to me but I just shake my head. "If I stop now I won't get back to doing it and it is due tomorrow. I herd him pull a chair up to my desk. "Lets start."

I didn't have time to argue as he pick my pencil up an gave it to me. We sat there for about two hours when we finally finished it.

Cade's POV

Seeing her upset made my wolf howl in pain. I couldn't stand there and do nothing so I decided to help her with it.

After we finished she looked up at me and smiled. "Thanks alpha." was all she said and she stood up and fell onto her bed. I decided to let her sleep. But as I was getting up I heard her whin. I turned and saw her looking at me. I smiled and continued to make my way to the door. I closed it as soon as I got out.

Sky's POV

Damn I hate my wolf sometimes making me whin as he left the room made me feel stupid, but hay he's an alpha I think most people do.

I woke to the sun shining in through my windows. I got up and grabbed and outfit from my wardrobe and went to the bathroom. I had a quick shower and put on my clothes for school. when I walked out I saw a plate with pancakes on it and a note next to it the note read,

Dear Sky

Thought I would make you breakfast this morning after you had a lot of pressure on you while doing your homework. You don't have to make it up to me.

From alpha.

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