Chapter Seven

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Sky's POV

I hear a wolf howl in the direction I came. I instantly know its Cade but I don't stop, no instead I pick up my pace so that I run faster.

The howl is a lot closer this time and I know that I won't out run Cade. His wolf is a Nightshade, but I think if I tryed my wolf could outrun him seeing that I am a Moon-gaze wolf the fastest wolf in the world.

I run ever faster then I was before and I hear his howls become faint as I gain a lot more distance between us.

Cade' POV

I mind link jack and tell him that I might be a while seeing she isn't going to stop anytime soon.

I continue to run the way my mates sent is coming from. Man when I catch her I won't to know why she ran away from my pack. The best pack anyone could ever want.

I stop dead in my tracks as I relies the sent is a lot stronger now. I have been running after her for four days and still no luck at catching her. Maybe today will be different.

I can smell her sent stronger then before. She must have stopped to have a breath.

Sky's POV

I decide to take a bit of a break and catch my breath. I sat down thinking I was alone. Well man was I wrong. I heard a twig snap and a really loud snarl come from a reddish brown rouge wolf. He was just taller then me but I knew that I could put up a good fight before giving up.

I then hear another twig snap and a wolf howl growl and snarl all at the same time. I turned around a saw a pure black wolf.

He rand at the rouge. as soon as he did this I knew it was Cade. I was about to turn and run but he mind linked me.

"You run I catch you!" he snarled at me through the mind link. But I didn't listen I turned and ran.

I run from my own packWhere stories live. Discover now