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𝐒𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬 𝐩𝐨𝐯
Hearing the door slam shut i flinch. I wait to hear the lock of the door but I don't. The grabbers footsteps gradually fade and I hear nothing signalling he's not coming back.

I slowly stand up and make my way to the door. I gently grab the handle and twist it, and it opens with a annoying sound. I look up and see a set of stairs and contemplate on if I should go up them.

Taking in a deep breath I slowly make my ways up the stairs. With each step the floor let's out a creak making me wince. Even with the grabber being gone I'm still cautious.

I make it up the stairs and take a look around, I'm in the dining room.  I make my way towards the living room and look around there. There is a big window with no curtains, and outside the window is the Grabber chasing some little girl.

My eyes widen and my instincts kick in making me run out of the door towards the house across the street.

third person pov

Infront of Finn was the body of Bruce Yamada. "Isn't that Bruce Yamada" robin says, his voice muffled since he was covering his mouth. "Yeah it is" Finn replies in disbelief.

As he goes to place the sheet back over him he hears a scream coming from upstairs. The two boys look at each other before taking off for the stairs.

Lesley's hands were turning white with how hard she was gripping the steering wheel. She turns onto a street before immediately stepping on her brakes, making Scott and her  lurch forward. Infront of them was the skinny brown skinned girl running to the house on the right of them.

It takes them a while to process what they had just seen before lesly is pulling over to the side of the rode. The two jump out of the car and chase after the girl yelling her name.

The boys make it up the stairs and see a man standing over the girl breathing heavily. Finn's eyes dart to his sister who is unconscious on the ground while robins stay's on the man who is holding a bat. "Bro what the fuck is going on!" Finn shouts at the man.

The mans head shoots up but he doesn't say a word. He just stares at them and takes a menacing step towards them, forcing them to take a step back. As he continues to walk towards them, they all fail to notice sage run into the house.

Robins eyes drift to the figure and his eyes widen in shock, and disbelief. She was okay.


the dogs r really out

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the dogs r really out.

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