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༄𝐒𝐚𝐠𝐞'𝐬 𝐩𝐨𝐯༄
Its currently 1 pm and im running late. Im stuck on a either a brown shirt or blue. "MOM BROWN OR BLUE" i shout "WHY" "JUST CHOOSE ONE" "BROWN". I throw my shirt on and put on my converse. I decide to just leave my locs down today.

I throw on some bracelets and head out the door to start my walk towards robins house.

When I get there I'm greeted by Mrs Arellano. "Robins in the shower you can go to his room if you would like" she says going in the living room

I make my way to his room and sit on his bed. When I was here the first time I didn't really pay attention to his room. On the right side of his bed in the corner was a guitar that i didn't notice the first time.

I get up and go to his book shelf to pick out a book. I go back to his bed and start reading it. A good 6 minutes go by when I hear his door open.

I look up and my eyes widen and my heart starts beating so loud. Robin walked in with a towel around his waist. His hair was still wet so droplets of water fell on his body.

"My mom told me you were in here" he says going to his dresser. "Um yeah I was waiting for you so we could uh go to finns house" I say averting my eyes back to the book. "Okay" he says.

After a moment he comes and lays down next to me. "Let me finish the chapter then we'll go" "Is that my book?" he asks as he starts poking my side. "Yea I was bored waiting for you"

I'm barely able to finish the chapter due to Robin constantly poking me or trying to take the book out of my hands, but I manage to get it done. I get up and put the book back on the shelf and turn around.

He's still laying on the bed with his hands folded on his stomach looking at me. "What" I say slightly laughing. "Nothing" he responds. "Okay well let's go" I say as I walk towards him and grab his hand.

He pulls me back making me fall next to him "Let's stay here" "I told Finn I would hang with him today so I can't" I say propping myself up on my shoulder. "You could hangout with him tomorrow" he says playing with my bracelets."Tomorrow is Monday love. Now let's go"

When we arrived at Finn's house we heard shouting."Should I knock?" I ask looking at Robin "If you don't want to I can" "It's fine".

I raise my hand and knock on the door. Everything goes quiet and I hear shuffling going on. The door opens up and I see that its Finn. "Hey is everything okay in there?" I ask concerned. "Oh yeah everything is fine." "Finney who is it" I hear his dad shout "School friends" "Well tell them to go home".

"Sorry guys we can hangout some other time" "You sure we'd really like it if you came" i say, i really didn't want him in there alone.  "Sorry ill see you next time" "Yeah we'll see u later" robin says. I give Finn a tight lipped smile before Robin and I walk away.

"I don't have a good feeling about his father" i say holding robins hand. "Me either but we cant do anything" he replies.

"Let's go to the corner store" "For what" "Snacks obviously. Race you there" I say taking off.

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