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"I want to go look for her" "No you know how dangerous he is" "I know and i do not care, i want my daughter."

Lesly had been thinking about this ever since her last police visit. And since she knew the police wouldn't actually do anything she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She knew what he looked like and where he was living, she just could never bring herself to go there. But finally she decided it was time.

She was a train wreck, she knew she would be getting her daughter back tonight no matter what, but how would her daughter take it when she sees her? She knew that Albert had probably told her the truth about everything and she didn't even want to think about the girls reaction.

"I'm going to get her and I would like for you to come" she says as she slips on a jacket. "Of course just give me a moment" and with that Scott leaves the room to retrieve whatever he needed. After a while he comes back and the two leave the house in a hurry.

As the man gets out of the van he heads into his house, scanning the area to make sure no one is looking. Gwen looks at him with suspicion but quickly remembers her brother and his friend are inside another person's house and shakes her head. 

The man makes his way into his house and slams the door shut. He then proceeds to make his way down to his basement. Once he opens the door he sees the brown skinned girl curled up in a ball staring off into space. He couldn't help but feel guilty for a split second before remembering this was for the best.

"I have a feeling something bad is going to happen tonight so I will not be down here at all. I'll be back tomorrow morning" he says to the unmoving girl. She just stares blankly at the wall Infront her making him let out a sigh.

Figuring out she wouldn't say anything he leaves the room angrily, forgetting to lock the door behind him.

It was pretty boring out here and she was getting a bit tired. All she could think about was finding Sage and getting home. As she was dozing off she didn't realize the same man who got out of the van was walking towards her.

When she forced her eyes open she was met with a mask right Infront of her. Letting out a scream she jumps up and runs into the house hoping to find one of the boys.

"FINN ROBIN THERE'S SOMEONE HE-" she is unable to finish her sentence as the man catches up to her, hitting her with something hard in the back of the head.

"It smells fucking awful in here" robin says covering his nose. "What is that" Finn says pointing to a lump covered by a sheet in the corner of the room. Robin just shrugs and makes his way towards it. Finn follows and once they are close enough the smell becomes worse. Finn hesitantly pulls off the sheet and when he does he almost throws up in his mouth.

"What the fuck"

I'm already breaking my updating schedule 😭

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I'm already breaking my updating schedule 😭

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