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"someone want to tell me why the FUCK you guys are here" the man shouts making everyone flinch. Still no one says anything "I want answers, of I don't get them I won't hesitate to bash her brains in" he says twirling the bat.

"We were looking for someone" Finn says, his voice wavering. Robins eyes never once strayed from the girl, her gaze stuck on him as well. Her eyes showed that she wanted to help, and robin shook his head. The girl inched forward as Lesly and scott burst in making the grabber turn around. His eyes first land on sage, then they move to lesly and scott making him let out a bitter sweet laugh.

"A fucking family reunion how nice" he seethes. Finn and robin are quick to pick up gwen and move here so she is out of the way while The grabber stares at the two parents with hate.

"Albert i need you to put that down" lesly say's trying to soften him up. His gaze doesn't lessen and scott reaches for his pocket. Albert is quick to swing his bat towards scott, hittng him hard on the arm.

Scott lets out a yell while sage covers her mouth to not make any sound. "Hands where i can see them"

Everyone is holding in there breaths as Scott glares at Albert. He slowly raises his arms and winces in pain. "This was not how my family reunion was supposed to go" the man says through gritted teeth.

He continues going on a rant not paying attention to the girl who was slowly inching towards the 3 other teens. Once with them she hugs robin tightly. He grips her hard, if not harder than she was. "Your safe" robin says as one of his hands rubs her back.

She buries her face into his neck letting the tears fall. "I HAD TO FIND OUT THROUGH PREGNANCY TESTS THAT YOU THREW OUT" she hears Albert yell.

As Robin releases sage, she turns around to face a angry grabber and crying mother. "I was scared Albert" "Of what, me leaving? We both knew I would have never left you" his voice was coming down and it sounded like he was gonna cry.

In some ways sage felt bad for the man, but she knew she shouldn't. This man could have gone about things differently instead of taking her. He didn't have to do what he did to those poor kids. "I'm going to turn you in Albert, you'll get the help you need" lesly say's moving closer to him.

Scott had been inching his hand towards his pocket and once he finally got close he quickly pulls a gun out of it and points it at Albert. "Put the bat down, if you don't I'm shooting"

 "Put the bat down, if you don't I'm shooting"

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if u care I made a new book bout ddosma.

Also imma try to shift to my fame dr🕺 whish me luck

update:took the book down.

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