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𝐌𝐘 heart was racing as i ran back towards the house. A million thoughts ran through my head. The main one was is sage alright? I knew we shouldn't have left her alone in there.

As i near the house, i hear faint sirens in the back. Now they want to show up? I make my way to the front door in a rush, my breathing heavy.

It's pretty quiet, all i can hear ate the sirens and my blood rushing through my body. A growing fear rises in my body as i begin to take everything in.

I slowly open the front door and im instantly met with the metalic smell of blood.


𝐒𝐇𝐄 still loved that monster. My mind was spinning as i watched her whisper to him. I knew scott was watching too, how was he taking this?

"Sage" i hear from the behind me. My head whips to the voice i so wished i didn't hear. When our eyes meet i break, his eyes hold a glint of concern and relief. "What happend" his eyes dart to my father.

My vision begins to blur for what seems the 100th time that night. I can't even form any words, and luckily he can see. He rushes towards me and pulls me close.

When i was in his arms i let it all out, completely forgetting aboit my surroundings. Hr whispered encouraging words as he rubbed my back in a soothing way.

I could hear sirens approaching, so i lifted my head off his shoulders.  My mother had stopped talking to father too and was now rising to her feet.

"Where's Gwen and Finn" "Finn is knocking on doors looking for help" "Why'd you leave him" "i was worried when we heard the gunshot, so he told me to come back" he replies.

As i go to say something, i hear the sirens getting closer. I let go of robin and head to the windows to peak out. A cop car was pulling up.

"Anybody in the house needs to exit slowly with their hands above your head"

I look to my left to see scott looking back at me. The cops where outside and i had  just shot someone. What was gonna happen when they found out? As if he could read my thoughts hr began to reassure me evrything was alright.

"I will not repeat myself again, Exit the house slowly with your hands above your head"  the voice says again.

Bf reveal🤭 This book is coming to a end and im so happy🕺this book gives me anxiety

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Bf reveal🤭 This book is coming to a end and im so happy🕺this book gives me anxiety.

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