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𝐑𝐎𝐁𝐈𝐍 moved on instinct, pulling sage closer towards him. The whole house fell silent, the only thing you could hear was the crickets outside.

The gun was still pointed at Albert. Even though his mask was covering his face, you could see panic for a split second pass through his eyes. "Fucking Drop It" scott says raising his voice.

The bat falls to the ground with a loud thud, causing sage to flinch.  "What are you gonna shoot me" There was a hint of amusement in his voice, but anger was prominent. "I don't plan to, but i dare you to make one wrong move" scott warns him.

"You kids need to get out, find a phone and call 911" Scot says, his eyes never leaving the man. "My daughter will not be going anywhere" Albert's tone is dark and it sends shivers down sage's spin.

"You do not control that Albert" lesly finally speaks up. She turns to the kids, giving them a look that tells them to listen to Scott.

"Help me with Gwen" Finn whispers to Robin, who then let's sage go to help him. Albert begins to talk but his voice fades away as Sage's mind fills up with thpughts. Was this really over? Had she finally lost her mind and started to hallucinate?

Shaking the thoughts away she sees the boys had picked up Gwen and were making their way to the backdoor as quietly as they could. Sage rushes ahead of them to open the door for them, and they exit the house as carefully ad they could with the girl. "DON'T MOVE"

It all happened so fast that she could comprehend what was happening.

Scott had lowered his gun and when he did Albert lunged at him. Lesly takes a step back as Albert and Scott fall down, the gun sliding towards the kids.

Sage let's out a gasp as the two men throw punches at each other. Sage's eyes dart from the pair and the gun. Lesly's eyes land on Sage and she could see what she thinking.

"Get Gwen some help" she says turning around to look at the worried boys. They begin to make shouts of protest but she shuts the door on them.

Her eyes then meet lesly who shakes her head. Ignoring her she picks up the gun aims at two men Infront of her. "I won't hesitate to shoot either of you" her voice wavers as she speaks.

 "I won't hesitate to shoot either of you" her voice wavers as she speaks

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Im back for a lil bit, how do y'all feel about a walking dead ff.🕺🏽

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