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𝐓𝐇𝐄 whole room got silent after she said that. The two men stop what they're doing and lift their gaze to the girl. She had tears streaming down her face but refused to make any sound.

Scott was the first to speak up as he pushes albert off of him. "Sage put the gun down" his tone is demanding but gentle. She shakes her head making him let out aggravated sigh.

"Give me the gun sage" Albert says making lesly snap her head towards him. "She will not be handing you that gun"  Soon everyone is yelling at each other about the gun while sage eyes it.

Many thoughts are running through her mind as she stared at it. Nobody notices the girl slowly pulling it up towards her head. Her eyes close tightly as her finger on the trigger shakes.

Somehow lesly and scott began a argument, completely forgetting about albert, who now was looking horrified at sage. Jumping to his feet he ran to to girl, ripping the gun out of her hand. It startled her, and without thinking she pulled the trigger. 

𝐓𝐇𝐄 boys had been knocking on a few houses down, and no one was answering. They stop  instantly when they hear a gunshot in the distance.  Robins head flips towards finn. Finn looked at robin and could see his eyes pleading silently to let him go back. "You go i got her" he says taking the the girl fully into his arms.

"Are you sure?" Robin wasn't sure if he should've been leaving his friend, but he was so worried. "Yes, ill try this house" he said, his head nodding to a house with it's porch light on.

Robin nods and takes off in a sprint towards the house.

𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐆 was all Sage could hear at the moment. If she could hear, everything would have been dead silent. Her father had been shot by her. She could feel her tears running down her face.

He may have done very bad things and deserved it, but not by the hands of her. She feel the acids in her stomach trying to force its way out of her throat.

She stands still, eyes glued to the body that is now on the floor bleeding out.

Her mother is the first to react, rushing to albert. She had teras of her own running down her face. Why is she crying? Was the question that was bouncing off the walls of sage's mind.

All of a sudden she turns around and throws up. "Sage you all right?" Scott says in a low voice, like he didn't want to scare the girl. "What do you think" she snaps. Instant guilt fills her, but she chooses not to say anything.

"Albert are you alright?" Lesly asks, her voice wavering. Sage eyes her with a look that nobody could determine. The question kept flying around.  Why was Her mother Crying? 

Taking a good look at her mother she puts pieces together. For some fucked up reason she still loved the man.

Sm happened and idk, but my bday coming up so i wanna put a lot of chaps out by then, but i feel like i should catch yall up with my life

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Sm happened and idk, but my bday coming up so i wanna put a lot of chaps out by then, but i feel like i should catch yall up with my life. So we won 2nd place in my vb tournament. My dads in prison for 11 years. My grades are amazing for the first time in my life so yea.

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