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As I exit the house my heart starts racing. My hands begin to shake but I force them up. "Holy shit it's the girl" I can hear one of them say. "Whose all in there?" Another asks me. "Uh there's 4 and ones injured" my voice was all Shakey, it's a wonder how the understood me.

I hear the door open and the footsteps of someone coming out. They stand next to me and in the corner of my eye I see it's robin. Next Scott comes out then my mom.

Another cop car pulls up along with a ambulance. A few cops slowly approach us as the rest head into the house. "Are you injured." One asks inspecting me. "I'm not sure" I reply.

I'm then led over to the ambulance where they begin to check me for any visible injuries. I see another ambulance pull up, probably for Albert. The thought of the events that took place making me grimace.

"SAGE OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY SWEETIE" I hear a familiar voice yell. Looking towards my right I see Robins mom running to me. I don't know why but seeing her here made me Even more emotional.

When she gets towards me she pulls me close and gives me a tight hug. Her hand finds the back of my head and begins to stroke my hair. As I rest my head on her shoulder, I see Albert's body being carried out on a stretcher.

My eyes then shift to my mom, who watched as they put him in the vehicle with sad eyes. Scott stood next to her rubber her shoulder, knowing his wife still loved that man.

With one last stroke she releases me. Taking my hand in hers she  Gives me a quick squeeze on my hands, and  wonders off to find robin.

As I blankly stare off into space, I feel a hand pat my shoulder. Turning my head I see it's Finn. "Oh my god are you okay? Where's Gwen? Is she hurt? Are you hurt?" I begin to integrate him.

"Sage calm down, we're fine. She's at the hospital." He says coming to sit next to me. "How?" "When we were walking to get help, one of the cop cars spotted us and I basically forced him to take Gwen to the hospital" he replies.

"Oh, I'm really sorry I got you guys into this trouble" "I don't regret it, we had been planning for a little bit to get you, we just didn't have any leads yet" he brushes his curls back.

"What is your dad gonna do?"
At that question he tenses up. "I don't know, I'm hoping it's not to bad" "You could come home with me" "Like our parents would let us"
"I don't give a fuck about that" I respond quickly. "Hey what are y'all talking about?" Robin asks walking up to us.

"Hanging out together at my house, you should come" "I don't know, my mom might not allow-" "That's fine by me, he can stay over" his mom says walking up.

"Okay now we have that settled y'all are staying"

The reason why I didn't want to be alone is because I know I wouldn't be able to sleep, and I still wanted my damn sleepover.

 The reason why I didn't want to be alone is because I know I wouldn't be able to sleep, and I still wanted my damn sleepover

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Another bf reveal🕺🏽 but if you could check out my other stories I would appreciate that. You'll get a kiss if you do😘 Also the next chapter will probably be the last.

Also writing the dialogue between Finn and Sage made me low-key want them together idk why.

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