Vol. 2. Chapter 2: Evolutionary

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No One's Pov

Within days the Plumbers had moved into Beacon Academy, fortifying it to the best degree they could. A massive wall was made around Beacon, only students and others with clearance were allowed in or out of the school. The plumbers mainly kept to themselves, some of the Beacon Staff rooms however had to be renovated due for the plumbers to use. Within those few days, Jaune had become Beacons number one priority, well the plumbers priority. Jaune was currently in his new dorm, minding his own business, Kevin was across from him asleep on the bed, Komi was down in Vale, of course not without protection. Their was a knock at the door, Jaune turned to his sleeping partner, letting out a sigh as he wasn't getting up. Jaune got up and stretched, walking to the door and opening it. His eyes widened as he saw a Piscciss Volann, although he looked much older and had glasses.

Volann: howdy-do Jaune, you are wanted in the basement.

Jaune: okay, uhhh

Volann: ah, right sorry. My name is Petalliday, please follow me

The aquatic alien then walked down the corridor, Jaune rushed back into his dorm and grabbed his hoodie, chasing after the alien afterwards. As they walked through the halls, some students were just staring at them, Jaune had felt, but Petalliday reassured him

Petalliday: don't be afraid Jaune, they're just curious is all. Alright folks, come on, give us some space!

He said as he began to push through the crowd. They eventually reached the elevator and stepped inside, heading down. Some catchy elevator music played as Jaune and Petalliday we're standing there. Jaune looked at the Piscciss Volann, seeing as his features were much different than Jaune's Ripjaws.

Jaune: sooo... I got a quick question

Petalliday: lay it on me my boy

Jaune: well, how are you walking on land? I can't go a few minutes as Ripjaws without suffocating

Petalliday: Ripjaws? Is that what you call your Piscciss Volann? Well I guess it's a fitting name for a young fish

Jaune: and also, uh, how come you have skin and lips over your teeth?

Petalliday: well, to answer your first question, my suit has a special respirator that allows for water flow into my gills, allowing me to travel on land. As my the lips part, it's all part of a Piscciss Volann growing up. When they're born and young, their teeth show, but as you grow and mature, skin and lips will grow over and cover most of it

Petalliday stated as Jaune nodded, looking forward as the elevator came to a stop. The button pad Open up, a small scanner coming out of it. Petalliday removed his glasses, allowing his eyes to be scanned. The scanner also scanned Jaune's watch. It turned green and closed, beginning to descend.

Jaune: what was?

Petalliday: security protocol, only people and aliens with clearance can enter down here, so me, you, Ozpin, and any other plumber.

Jaune nodded as the elevator came to a stop once more, the doors opened as Jaune's looked in amazing at the massive base that was under beacon.

Jaune: how did you guys afford all of this?

Petalliday: well you know, the government from several quadrants of the galaxies.

Jaune nodded again as he began to follow Petalliday, Jaune was able to see prison cells along the walls, housing several hundred aliens.

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