Chapter 7: New Arsenal

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No One's Pov

It's been a week since the attack on Vale from space. Ironwoods forces had moved into Vale, via Ozpin's request. Jaune was currently in his new apartment, with Komi tending to his wounds since her apartment had been destroyed from the drone. Kevin was also in his home, eating his cereal, they were all watching the news.

News Reporter: the damage caused by the Aliens and robots from space are some of the largest this year, rivaling that if a Grimm invasion. The estimated cost of damage ranges within the millions as the Alien Hero: XLR8 causing minimal damage by blowing up a car and one of the machines, sending shrapnel through many buildings and other cars

Jaune: okay that was now my fault, I had to destroy it

Kevin: so turning into a ball of fire and blowing up a car was the best option?

Jaune: yes! W-well at that time yeah, I couldn't think of anything else at the time

News Reporter: and then the new Hero that civilians are naming "Cannonbolt" causes the most damage, not only damage to tideways, but also multiple buildings and vehicles after crashing into them while destroying the remaining machines. We now have a special message from the General of Atlas: James Ironwood

The screen change to Ironwood standing on a podium, Winter on his left and Ace Ops on his right. There were multiple camera flashes as he clears his throat.

Ironwood: thank you for your time, I would like to announce that Atlas will be donating half the amount of Lien needed to fix Vale, along with helping out with the citizens that were injured o killed during said attack.

He received multiple claps when he stated, Jaune rolled his eyes

Kevin: what a clown, all this guy cares about is just that his military looks good anywhere else than his own kingdom

Jaune: you do know that's my last box of cereal right?

Kevin: I'll buy you more, just be quiet, I'm trying to watch a clown

He said as he ate another handful of cereal.

Reporter: what is your opinion on the Aliens defending the assault on Vale

Ironwood: I wouldn't call it defending, as they caused more damage than they did help, the total damage tole was a minimum 23.9 million Lien, I have already spoken to the Council and as of now, the Aliens are now undergoing investigation

As they heard this, Komi dropped the bandages as Jaune dropped the remote. On the tv the reporter murdering and mumbling amongst each other.

Ironwood: they are to turn themselves in, all Ten Aliens are to report to Beacon Academy for speaking, if they do not comply, they will be arrested, that is all

He stepped away as the reports wend wild and began to try and ask Ironwood questions and take pictures. Jaune picked the remote back up and turned off the TV.

Kevin: damn, you're screwed.

Jaune groaned as he held his head back, wincing in pain as he sat back up, having a cut on his back. Komi tapped his leg and he looked at her

Komi:(what are you going to do?)

He looked down and at the Omnitrix

Jaune: I gotta make a call

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