Chapter 2: A New Life

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No One Pov

Jaune was walking through the streets as he was looking around stores. He was trying to find a job, true turning into Aliens and saving people, stopping Robberies, and stopping the White Fang. He had stopped at what looked to be a book store and saw a Help Wanted sign

Jaune: Tukson's Book Trade? Huh, might as well see.

He walked in and the bell rung. Jaune looked at the front desk and saw a Faunus

???: Hello, welcome to Tukson's Book Trade, how may I help you?

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???: Hello, welcome to Tukson's Book Trade, how may I help you?

Jaune: w-well i saw the help wanted sign and well I was wondering if the job offer was still open

???: it is, as a matter of fact. Im Tukson

He said as he held out his hand. Jaune shook his hand and smiled.

Jaune: My names Ben

Tukson: got a last name?

Jaune: Ben... Tennyson.

Tukson: well, Ben Tennyson, mind if I say Ben Ten foe short?

Jaune: s-sure

Tukson: Well, Ben, you can start today.

Jaune: wait really? No interview or anything?

Tukson: well I'll see from how you can work, then I'll decide if you got the job

Jaune nodded as Tukson showed him around the store and the backroom.

Time Skip

Jaune sighed as he wiped the sweat off his brow. He thought working in a book shop would be easy, but its more lifting than it is reading. Tukson pat his back

Tukson: well Ben, you got the job.

Jaune smiled as Tukson handed him a name badge with his name engraved on it.

Tukson: now all we have to do is work out your work hours, you go to school right?

Jaune: currently trying to.

Tukson: no school?

Jaune: not at the moment. Recently got kicked out of my old school for... fighting

Tukson: damn, well I may be able to make a few calls. I have a friend, thats the headmaster of an Academy.

Jaune: o-oh, well I'm not trying to become a Huntsman *Anymore*

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