Chapter 4: The Trip

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No One's Pov

Jaune had a duffel bag filled with the little clothes he had. Him and most of his class were supposed to be going on a Field trip to Atlas, in the city of Mantle. His grades were just enough to let him go to the Field trip. He had Tukson sign the permission slip for him since he "didn't" have any parents. He had called Ruby and told her that he would't have been able to hang out on Friday. It had been about a two weeks since his fight as Fourarms with Yang. He still has pain from his broken Ribs. 

Jaune: I can't believe that my Aura does't count for my Aliens

He said as he held his side. The doctors told him that it would take about two months for his ribs to fully heal. He walked out of his apartment and to his bus stop. The bus pulled up not long after and he walked in 

Jaune: Hi, Quartermaster

He just let out a grunt and drove the bus. 


Jaune was in class doing his homework that he had left and was getting ready to turn it in. Komi was next to him and was watching him do his work. He had finished and passed it over to her. She grabbed it and looked through all his answers. She put it down and looked at him and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled as the teacher walked in and clapped his hands. He caught all the Student's attention. 

Teacher: alright class, so today and for the next week and a half we will be spending time in Mantle. So I hope you all that were accepted got the necessities that were required for this trip. And those of you that did't get accepted, you will all be in the class next door for the next week and a half.

The students that were going on the field trip walked out of the class and followed the teacher outside, where an Atlesian Bullhead was waiting. 

Teacher: Now then, before we get onto the Bullhead, I will need you all to form groups of two. 

As soon as he stated that, Komi had grabbed onto Jaunes arm. He blushed and let out a small cough as he ha kept to himself. He was able to feel her "assets" pushed up against his arm. 

???: Hey, teach said that since i don't got a "partner" I'm with you two

Komi and Jaune looked, only to see the class "bad kid", Kevin Levin

Komi and Jaune looked, only to see the class "bad kid", Kevin Levin

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Jaune gulped a bit as he looked at Kevin. Ever since the first day that he had gotten to school, Kevin has been a complete and total asshole to him, but he knows when to stop, unlike Cardin. They walked into the Bullhead. 


The Bullhead had landed on the outskirts of Mantle, at the students all walked off and were automatically blasted by the cold of the Tundra. Jaune held his hat, as the wind tried to blow it away. Komi held onto him, as she did the whole way basically. They all watched as the gates opened and revealed the city of Mantle. As they walked into the city, Jaune couldn't help but look up to see Atlas floating right above the city. All the students stopped and Jaune had accidentally bumped into Komi.  He looked at her with a blush, but she paid no mind to it. He looked forward like all the other students and saw an armored car pull up. The driver seat door opened and a woman with blonde hair came out. 

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