Chapter 8: The Meeting

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No One's Pov

Ozpin and Ironwood we're standing inside of the office, promptly await for the Aliens to arrive so they could speak. The elevator dinged, but they didn't see anyone. Ironwood was growing impatient with how long the Aliens were taking. That was until they heard grunting, Ozpin stood up and looked over his desk and saw Greymatter climbed up and into the desk. He dusted himself off and cleared his throat.

Greymatter: Good evening gentlemen

Ironwood: what is this? Where are the rest of you?

Grey matter: actually sir, there has been a change of plans, due to one of our members not being able to come onto land for a long period of time, we request that this be taken towards the lake in the blood forest

Ozpin: blood forest?... Ah, I think you mean the Forever Fall Forest.

Grey matter: yes, there, and if you were to he so kind as to let me ride on your shoulder, it'll make the trip faster for me, I don't know if you noticed, but these legs ain't much for walking

He let out a small chuckle, that also made Ozpin chuckle. Ironwood rolled his eyes as they went into the elevator and descended. As they reached the bottom and walked out, Ruby was already there at the bottom.

Ruby: oh, h-hey Professor, General, and Grey matter?

Greymatter: Good evening Ruby, how is your day going?

Ruby: its uh, going great, thank! What are you doing here though

Greymatter: while I am aware it is a surprise I'm here, it is due to the small agreement with the General that me and my associates came to, but due to one of our members not being able to be on land for much time, we are moving to a secluded location. Do you wish to come along?

Ruby: uh, sure. Is it just going to be me?

Greymatter: yes ma'am.

Ironwood: absolutely not, she's just a student.

Greymatter had slowly turned towards the general

Greymatter: Sir, if I asked for your opinion, I would've asked it.


Ruby: so their are thousand's of specie's of aliens?

Greymatter: precisely my young Rose, ranging from aliens of not so much intelligence, all the way to me, which I would like to say are the smartest creatures in the galaxy.

Ozpin: and just what are you Mr. Matter.

Greymatter: please Professor, Greymatter is just my codename, I'm not obligated to reveal my real name. As for what I am, I can answer that no problem.

With that he had twisted the dial of the medallion, it beeper before showing a picture of a planet.

Omnitrix: Galvin Prime, home of the Galvin's. Galvin's are known as some of the smartest creatures, with their smartest being the great creator, Azmuth. Azmuth is told to be the smartest being in five galaxy's, he is also the creator the subspecies of Galvin.

Ozpin: subspecies?

Greymatter: Indeed, and you will meet one, as it is part of the team

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