Chapter 5: Contact

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No One Pov

Jaunes eyes had slowly fluttered open. He groaned as he sat and felt a pain in his chest. He lifted up his shirt and saw what looked to be a scar that you get from being shocked from electricity. He got out of his bed and walked over to the sink that was next to his bed. He turned on the cold water and wet his face to wake up. He grabbed the towel next to the window and began to oat down his face. But then he realized something. He didn't have a sink next to his bed, nor did he have a window in his dorm. He slowly turned to the window and all he saw was a dark abyss known as space. He stared for a few seconds before falling back and screaming

He shot up and ran to the door. He opened it and looked down both ways of the corridor. They were both identical and didn't know which was was out . He decided to run left. Through the cameras in the ship, he was being watched by the pilot. It made a chirp as it pulled up the controls and started to press buttons. As Jaune ran through the ship he busted down a door and had entered a large room. Inside was completely empty. He hesitantly looked around as he closed the door behind him. He walked through and had found what seemed to be a big bowl of orange slush. He poked it with a raised brow. He turned around and saw he seemed to be in the cockpit as he had a clear view of space. He looked around for any type of controls, but could find any. He heard sloshing behind him and carefully turned around, only to see the orange slush rising up and grow three eyes

 He heard sloshing behind him and carefully turned around, only to see the orange slush rising up and grow three eyes

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Jaune: what the fuck

He backed away as it shrunk down a bit m the bowl rose up and was shown to be the creatures legs. It began to make chirps and gurgles as it tried to speak to Jaune. But he stood there with a confused look on his face as he didn't know what it was saying. He heard thundering footsteps as the door he came through opened. He saw the same suit that had shocked him. It stood there as Jaune, without hesitation activated the Omnitrix and changed

He formed his arms into a blade and shield as he got into a fighting stance. The creature in a suit took out the game gun he shocked Jaune with the first time and changed the settings. Jaune grunted and rushed the suit as he held the gun out and fired. It blasted Jaune with a hypersonic sound wave. It caused Jaune to stop in it's tracks as his arms and rest of his body began to crack and slowly shatter. After the wave of sound stopped, Jaune collapsed to the floor on his knees and changed back. He fell forward, but the orange blob had caught him and helped him keep his balance. The suit made a hiss as the helmet moved back and had revealed that his kidnapper was Diamondhead?

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