Chapter 1: Aliens

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No One Pov

Jaune woke up early in the morning. He yawned as he sat up, out of the bed. He looked at his wrist and saw the Omnitrix. He had tried all night to take it off so that way he could sleep comfortably. He had no success. He shrugged as he got up and went to the bathroom. He washed up and got ready for the day. He walked out of his apartment and thanked the desk lady for letting him stay. He walked down he street and sighed as he had pulled his hoodie over his head. He stood behind a crowd of people that were gathered in front of a store window that had a TV. He saw that he was on the news

Lissa Lavender: This is Lissa Lavender and we're here today with headmaster Ozpin of Beacon Academy. Last night Vale Fire Department had gotten a 911 call from the Academy about a devestating Forest Fire that is still being fought off. The fire has consumed about 200 acres of the Emerald Forest. Their was only one casualty in the forest of one of the students. The student was known as Jaune Arc, I am now getting information that he is a former student of Beacon after being expelled for faking his transcripts. Now to Headmaster Ozpin

Ozpin: thank you, Ms. Lavender. Yes the death of one of my former students is a tragity. He wasn't the smartest or the strongest, but he had the most bravery and strategizing out of all the students I have had. It pained me to expel him, but those are the rules.

Lissa: now in the report you gave to the police, you stated that you think that it wasn't a Grimm?

Ozpin: indeed, their are camera's set up all throughout the forest and they captured a flaming monster in the forest who started the fire. He most likely came out of the meteor that crashed into the forest and destroyed the cameras within it's radius. I believe it is linked with Wildmutt.

Lissa: so you believe that their is a second Alien on the planet?

Ozpin: Indeed, and with those two out in our world, who's to say their isn't more out their

Jaune just scoffed as he walked away. As he was walking he bumped into someone

Jaune: sorry

He said as he walked away. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the man's wallet. He had learned how to pick pocket from Nora. He took his Lien and threw away the wallet. He walked into a store. A few minutes later he came back out with a bag that had hair dye, eye contacts, and gloves. As he was walking a woman screamed. He looked and saw a van speeding past him and a few other people. He cut through a alley and placed his stuff next to a trashcan. H activated the Omnitrix and took a deep breath

Jaune: alright, give me someone good!

He yelled as he slammed his down on the watch. It flashed green and he transformed

He stepped forward and he sounded like glass. He looked a broken mirror and saw himself

 He looked a broken mirror and saw himself

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