Jakes POV

I couldn’t believe our baby had just kicked, it made me realise it would be something in my arms

“As I kissed Alara, my baby, man I loved her so much. I loved her so fucking much. I didn’t think I could actually love someone this much, but I did, when normal 17 year old guys say to their girlfriends ‘I love you with all my heart’ because its complete and utter bullshit, I'm not going to lie I was like that with Alara. But the feelings I have for her now are so much more.

“Hunny?” Alara said, pulling me out of my trance

“Yeah?” I answered

“You going to drive or am I?” she asked

“There is no way on earth I would let you drive right now, not after all your space visits” I said sharply

“Hum, okay” she said sounding disappointed

“Hey” I said softly placing my hand on her chin and pulling her face gently up to face me

“Is not cos I don’t trust you Alara I just don’t want you under the pressure of driving” I whispered

“I know” she said smiling, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes, I chose to ignore it as I lowered her into the car, for being 4 months pregnant she wasn’t heavy in the slightest I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing

She flicked through the channels on the radio.

She found the channel she wanted. Must have been capital or something. Eminem came on after 5 minutes of adverts. Eminem I need a doctor or something. Dr. Dre’s part came on as Alara settled back into her seat. I sang along to the words

“Went thru friends, some of 'em put on but they just left, they said they was ridin' to the death, but where the fuck are they now? Now that I need 'em, all I see is slim, fuck all you fair weather friends all I need is him, fucking back stabbers, I’m back bastards, one more CD and then I’m packing' up my bags and as I’m leaving' I guarantee they'll scream, "dre, don’t leave us, like that man” I sang, I hummed the rest of the song like a lullaby as Alara fell asleep

When I reached my pairents house I carried Alara, my baby upstairs up to our room and layed her on our bed. I then went over to the laptop picking it up off old wooden desk and bringing it back to the bed. I lay down next to alara who moved in her sleep to my side, I put my arm round her as she nested in my chest.

Turning on the laptop I waited impatently drumming my free hand on the mouse

“babe, chill out” Alara whisperd waking up.

“lar, go back to sleep, your shatterd.” I soothed, stroking her hair as she nodded closing her eyes

As the laptop finally loaded I clicked on Google chrome, and typed in www.rightmove.co.uk

Into the red bar. Then looked for houses in Stafford. I knew it was Alara’s hometown. And she would be closer to Rosie their. 385 houses popped up. I found the perfect house instently. 7 bedrooms with 4.5 acres for only £180,000 needs allot of work but we had 6 months before the baby arrives. Seeing as we both dropped outta school for the baby, Alara because layla (the school bully) and Alara old friend was now her worst enemy saying she would shoot Alara and our baby if she came back to Coventry. And me because I knew where my responsibiltys lie.

“hunny, I cant sleep”Alara whisperd groggily, sleep still in her eyes”what you looking at?” she added

“come with me” I said getting up and pulling  her dsown the staires into the car, we drove in silence. It wasn’t an awquard silence more of a peacefull one.

When we finally arrived I got out to find the door of the house wide open and a plump little lady holding her arms out wide ready to great us.

“welcome” she said, arms still wide

“um thanks” I said, noticing Alara winsing

“come in dear I will show you the house” we both nodded walking through the door, Alara leaning on me slightly as I rubbed her stoumouch feeling the baby kicking under my hand.

The lady showed us the house, Alara only listening when we went outside to the stables. She saw the horses and when she herd the horses came with the house a grin came on her face.

“so we would normally charge £1,000,000 for this house” she said “but it needs allot of work so we are selling for £180,000

“deal”I said as I helped alara into the car

“we move out on the 14th April”she said

“ok well its the 7th now, so we will be over to collect the keys on the 14th then” I said giving her the deposit as she walked back into the house. Which would soon be ours


i hope you likne it guys, a short chapter i know, and it was a very boring start but next chapter should be better 

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