Jake's POV

" I diddnt know you had a brother" i said "and he happens to be my best mate"

"yup" she said popping the 'p'

"how did you get spilt up?" i asked

"well we got abandoned at a trainstation when james was 5 years olfd and i was 3 days old" she sighed her voice shaking

"oh baby" i said pulling her into bed

"its ok, anyways we got put in care and a lovely lady fosterd us but she got sick and died, so we were put back in care again untill they tryed to split us up so we ran away in the night 5 years ago we got caught, i was fosterd and i dont know what happend to james" she said sadly. she yawned

"go to sleep baby, i love you, mrs. tyler" i said

" i loveyou to mr. tyler" she said closing her eyes

Alaras POV- nightmare

*flash back*

"your going to be a good girl and come with me in my house arnt you alara" a pritty lady said to me

"no shes not, shes not going anyware without you" james said taking my hand

"run alara, run" james yelled pulling me

we ran down streets and through feilds untill we were very out of breath and had lost her

we went down a dark alley, i cowerd into james back when i saw a gang of 18 year olds the same

"hello darlin'" a man said, he smelled of cigerretes and sweat

"um, hi" i said my voice trembling

"come with us, we will look after you" another man said grabbing my arm and pulling me towards him

"no, leave her alone" james yelled kicking their shins

"we want to have some fun with your sister" another man sneared pulling me off my feet

i bit the pink flesh with all my strength he cryed out in pain and i fell to the ground

"stupid little bitch" he yelled slapping me as i cried in pain

i then screamed as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at james

"go to sleep little boy"he whisperd as he pulled the trigger

*end of flash back*

i shot up gasping for breath

"alara whats wrong?" jakes said worried

"its..... its nothing just a stupid flashback " i manged to choak out

"oh baby, come hear" he said opening his arms wide as i crawled into his lap

"your safe now, your with me, nothing can hurt you" he soothed, the baby kicked me again causing me to winse. he must have felt it because he chuckled and said "exept the twins"

"yeah,they hurt allot, when they kick" i sobbed

"shh, soon they wont baby, soon they wont" he soothed. i felt myself calming down

"you gonna be able to sleep?" he asked

i shook my head" no sorry"

"would you like to make a start on the babys room?" he asked

"sure" i said smiling i ameditally felt allot happier. he pulled me to my feet and handed me a paint brush


to my number one fan charlotte marshall love you all loads :)xxx

--------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

He opend a tin of pail pink paint and we started painting.

We were still painting and laughing when our alarm clock went off at 7am.

"right we better leave this to dry and go and feed your daft horse" jake said

"ok" i said getting up and walking into our room to get drest

I pulled a pair of jeans on and a sky blue tank top followed by my brown leather jacket and miletery boots. As jake put on some baggy jeans, a tight gray top and a black leather jacket with white converse pumps

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