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Chapter 2:

The day passed by slowly. All day I was thinking about Jake and the baby, our baby. It felt so wierd saying and thinking that, how would we manage, we aren't even old enough to drink yet, not that that stopped us or anything. I was so far away in my thoughts, that I didn't even realize that someone called my name.

"Alara McSorly ?"

My head snapped up, who said my name ? I thought as I looked around confused I was about to put my head back on the desk when

"Alara McSorly, could you please tell me the answer to the question I JUST asked?" the teacher, Miss.Smith asked sounding annoyed as she tapped her green wellys on  the floor. I felt my cheeks begin to burn with red creeping in them when I realized I didn't have the slightest clue what the question was.

"Im waiting" she said losing her patience.

" Um can you please repeat question" I asked sheepishly. 

She sighed " what would you do if your horse caused themselves an injury in the feild and was loosing a lot of blood ?"she repeated the question. As she repeated it my mind clicked. I already knew the answer to that question, 

" you would aply pressure to the wound with a clean cloth, and immediately call a vet" I answered.

"Correct Alara, but please listen in future" she said suprised and a little taken back.

Just then the bell rang.

I was walking to our usual table when someone tapped me on the back, when I spun around I got an awful sharp pain in my stomach, which I ignored. It was Nick, an old friend from Primary school. I

didn't think he would even look at me anymore, let alone touch me, seeing as he was now in the 'popular' crowd.

" Hey Alara, you left your text book in Equine Studies" he said with a huge grin on his face. 

" Oh thanks Nick" I said suprised, as I never left anything behind before. 

" No worries, see you around" he responded still grinning. 

" Um, yeah I guess" I said.

I watched him as he walked down thecoridoor, slightly stunned by the smile on his face.

"What did he want ?" Claire asked,

" I left a text book in Equine Studies" I said calmly. 

" Oh, kay, anyway we have a free period after lunch, so do you wanna go home ?" she asked, I became worried thinking about Jake.

"And dont worry Jake will be there" she added, reading my mind as always. 

"Um yeah sure" I said dased. 

" Cool I will call him" she muttered punching in his number into her phone. I

must have zoned out because when someone called my name I was by a car. 

"Alara?" Jake asked.

"Huh?, oh sorry I was miles away" I said stunned at how much I was zoning out. 

" Okay" he said not believing me as I climbed into his car. 

He climbed in after me, pulling me close to him.I leaned my head on his chest, as 

he chuckled and put his arms around me rubbing my stomach, it was soothing the pain I had there from earlier.

As we reached the house Jake said 

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