chapter 13- pairents house

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claires POV

knock knock their was a loud knocking at the door. as i got up of the louge sofa to answer the door i herd muffled laughing then silence. i opend the door to find my best friend and my brother making out on the doorstep.

i cleared my throat and they ameaditally stopped and unwound themselves from eachother

"hey claire" alara said hapily hugging me. i hugged her back" hey alara"

"claire can we come in?" jake said trying to hide the grin on his face

" oops sorry i forgot you were their" i teased and he play shoved me 

"alara come sit by me" i said hapily as we enterd the living room, she nodded and sat on the pink sofa 

"claire will you come baby shopping for baby clothes with me, i need an extra pair of hands seeing as im having to buy double everything" she said 

"yeah sure, so you came all this way to ask me that?" i asked confused

"no, were having twins" she squeeled jumping up and down in her seat

"what? theirs to of them?" i asked dumbfounded

"no, theirs 10 of them, yes theirs 2 claire" jake teased

"ok ok, so have you thought of names?"i asked

"yeah, saphire rose and charlotte ruby" alara said ameditally as jake came to sit by her. he pulled her back into him so she was leaning against his stoumouch as he put his hands on her stoumouch and smiled 

alara took my hands and pressed them to her stoumouch. i was confused at first but then i felt somthing move. at that moment tears came to my eyes i blinked and they spilled over

" sh, dont cry claire, we need to ask you somthing" she looked at jake then,he nodded and she carryed on "claire we need  to ask you if you could be the babys godmother" she said smiling but tears were rolling down her face

"oh my god alara, yes ofcourse i will" i squeeled sobbing as i pulled her into a hug

"ok, guys please stop crying" jake said stubenly

"shutup" alara said 

"fine" he said stalking out of the room

i grabbed her hands "OH MY GOD" i squeeled "your engaged" 

"yeah, isnt it beautiful" she said dreamly 

"so its friday, my boyfriend james is coming over soon so what about a movie?"

"like our old friday nights?" she asked 

"yeah" i answerd

"epic, i will go get the icecream" she said getting up and going to the kitchen

she came back with a huge pot of ben and jerrys and 4 spoons

"JAKE" she yelled 

"what?" he said comming outta the studdy

"ice cream" she said 

he laughed "what movie ?"

"harry potter" i said smiling 

"great" he said hapily 

*knock knock*

"i will get it" i said 

running to the door.i opend it wide to find my boyfriend on the steps 

"hey babe"he said 

"hey your just in time, jake and his finance are hear" i said giggling as he kissed my cheek

"good" he said as i took his walm hand and led him into the lounge

he stopped and staired at alara 

"alara?" he whisperdshocked" is that really you ?"

alara looked at him and then gasped

" james, oh my god james" alara yelled fresh tears rolling down her pink cheeks

"oh my god my baby sister" james said crying as her ran over to her and hugged her as they both cried

"james i have missed you so much" she sobbed and jake came round and hugged me

" do you have a clue ?" he asked i shook my head

"its fine im hear now, im not letting them take you ever again" he soothed

i felt jake tense at that moment, he cleared his throat "care to explain?" he said  eyeing them 

"jake, james is my brother" alara sobbed

"you mean to say, im dating your brother?" i asked confused

"yeah sorry if he is a pain" alara laughed wiping the tears from her face

"um james by the way..... im engaged" alara whisped

" WHAT ?" he practically exploded " who the fuck to?"

"to jake" she added

"oh thats ok then" he said smiing

i turned on the tv and we all watched harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1

just as the credits came on alara shotued " ouch, shit"

"what ?" we all said panking

"the babies all kicked at the same time" she laughed

jake rubbed her tummy as alara relaxed back into him

"lar we better get going"jake said 

"ok" she said getting up" claire can you pick me up at nine tomorrow for shopping ?" 

"sure" i said 

"ok, see you tomorrow, now both of you be safe" she said giggling

"we will" james said kissing her cheek " night baby sister" 

"night big brother" she said shutting the door

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