Alaras POV

i was sitting in the doctors waiting room with jake holding my hand. his other hand on my bump. massaging it.

"Alara McSorly" the nurse said, through a microphone

" Alara McSorly to room 3 please" she said again sounding bored

jake nudged me, 

"come on" he said, i nodded getting up outta my seat and walking into room 3, a pink coloured room.

"hi Alara, im Dr. Vallet, im going to be your doctor" she said kindly

"um hi, im Alara and this is my boyfriend Jake" i mumbled

she nodded towards jake, he returned the nod. 

"ok can you please lie down on the bed and pull your shirt up ?" she said soothingly 

i nodded walking over to the bed, and doing as she said pulling my shirt up to reveal my pale baby bump. jake came to hold my hand. i took it greatfully smiling at him nervousally.he smiled back 

the doctor put some gel on the scanner and pressed it to my stoumouch

the gel was cold but that diddnt bother me, when i herd a faint heart beat, i felt someone squeeze my hand as tears came to my eyes, i bit my lip holding them back. 

" ok if you come back in a month we will be able to tell the sex of the baby" the doctor told us

we said thanks and walked out of the doctors back to the car.

"thankyou" i said to jake 

"what for?" he asked confused 

"for this" i said pointing to my bulging stoumouch

he smiles about to say somthing when i pain struck me 

" ouch" i said wincing 

" what ? Alara?" he said worry showing in his voice 

i took his hand and placed it where the baby had just kicked me. i felt it again

before i could react. jakes arms were round me, his lips crashing onto mine 


sorry guys i lied, i was ment to upload tomorrow, but got so bored sitting at home watching TV 

i disided to add another 2 chapters 

love you all <3 

i hope my grammer is better than it was on chapter 1  heehee


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