Chapter 8 Claires POV

I woke up the hear the phone ringing, I got up and stumbled towards the study tripping over jakes stupid shoes

“hello?” I said

“hello, this is Tara speaking from Stafford hospital, is there a possibility I can talk to Alara McSorly” she said in a high pitched voice. I sighed

“I'm sorry shes out, can I leave a messege?” I answerd

“yes, her gradmother Sylvia Smith is seriousally ill, and Alara has 2 days left with her” she said sounding bored

“ok, I will tell her” I said

“thanks” and the phone went dead

Without thinking I called Jake, telling him to bring Alara strate home. He agreed and brought her home

Jakes POV

Alara and I were sitting on our bed wondering why Claire had brought us home so soon

“Alara I'm so sorry, but your grans in hospital, you have 2 days left with her” Claire said sadly

I watched alara as the words sank in. It must have taken 5 minuets because as soon as they did

She got up and ran towards the car.

“NO, Alara, I'm driving” I shouted

As I raced her to the car, but she wasn’t listening as she got in the drivers side and turned on the engine, I got in the companion seat. As she drove over the speed limit towards the hospital

Keeping her eyes focused on the road as the tears ran down her face

As we pulled up into the parking lot, Alara ran towards reception, I ran after her. We ran down the hallways to her grandmothers room

As she reached it she pushed the door open, to find her grandmother asleep in the bed, alara dropped to the chair next to the bed burying her face in the sheets.

All I did was stand their and watch as she said goodbye to her gran

Alaras POV

“gran, I'm gonna miss you so much” I said between tears

As jake came and hugged me, as I punched his chest with my fist

“ its not fair” I sobbed

“ I know baby, I know, but its her time” he soothed, “ think about all the great times you had together”

He rocked me as I cryed myself to sleep


sorry guys i know its not much, but i have been struggleing with this part as its hard to remember this sad part of mine and my familys life. 

so i will try and upload soon :) 

love you all <3 especially my first fans

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Jakes pov

I stood by the window as Alara sat with her grandmother saying good bye to her for the last time. I think she was in a coma she would never awaken from. I felt truly honoured to be part of that women’s last few hours left on earth.

Sylvia’s POV

I could hear my beautiful young granddaughter talking to me, saying her goodbyes, funnily enough I wasn’t scared of what was yet to come, as I lay their knowing these were my final moments of being Sylvia smith. I was finally at peace with the world. I started to think about bill and I, our wedding. How he said I looked like an angel sent from heaven, how a tear rolled down his cheek when he said his ‘I do’s’. I knew this was my perfect last minute memory I had left. I felt my heart slowing down. I remembered Alara and Rosie as children how they were so close, but I knew I would be with Rosie again....

Jakes POV

I was awakened from my seat at the window as a loud beeping sound came from the machines Sylvia was wired up to. Just then lots of doctors ran into the room pushing Alara aside as she screamed. I ran over to her to see her tear stricken face. I pulled her close whispering soothing words into her ear, as I turned I saw a young girl. In blue jeans, a pink tank top and converses, I didn’t recognise her at first, but then it struck me it was Jaz, Alaras runaway stepsister. She was standing in the door way watching the doctors as tears rolled down her cheeks. Is saw me looking at her and ran down the corridor, I didn’t bother following her, she ran away she wanted to leave all those years ago and she obviously still did so I let her do just that.

Chapter 9

Alara’s POV

I woke ip in my bed with a pownding headache, I got up slowly and went to get a paraceetamol

“ouch” I screamed, surprised at how much it hurt when you fall face first on the floor

Jake shot out of bed and helped me to the bed

“what the hell Alara” he yelled angrly

“sorry, can you please stop shouting I have a headache” I whisperd

He only nodded and walked out of the room.

Jake’s POV

What the hell, that scaired me so bad, I thought she was having a fucking miscarriage. But no she fell on the fricking floor.

This is why ii tell her, don’t get up before me because their are boxes everyware, I thought as I went to the bathroom cabinet to get a paracetamol for her, I got a glass of water and headed back to my bedroom. Handing her the tablet and the glass of water

I let out a sigh

“baby, I'm sorry I shouted, I was just so scaired somthing really serious had happend to you” I whispersd tears in my eyes.

“hey don’t worry” she said “anyway its moving day today, want to get an early start?” she asked winking at me.

“well I don’t know, my family is out” I said, playing along with her

“ are you sure baby?” she asked

As she straddled me, I moaned as she started kissing my neck, my cheek, my lips. Running her hands along my chest as she pulled my top over my head and tossing it away it landed on the floor. I did the same to her as she unbuttoned my jeans. I ameaditally got hard as she started grinding against me, I moaned against her lips. I couldn’t wait any longer

“Alara” I moaned” I can’t wait any longer” I moaned against her lips as she smiled

“Then don’t” she whispered

Alara’s POV

I changed quickly into some old baggy jeans and a blue tank top. I put some pink converse’s on. And walked into the bathroom

Chapter 10

Alara’s POV

The van arrived at 8:30 and we started piling boxes into the van, well jake did I tried

“no, your 5 months pregnant” jake said sternly

“ jezus Christ jake I'm fine” I said angrly

“no way go and wait in the car please” he said kissing my head

“fine” I whisperd going abit light headed

“Alara?” jake said as I swayed

“ huh?” I said confused at what had just happend

“car now” he said sternly

I nodded walking slowly to his white BMW he had already drove my cute little mini cooper to the new house.

jake finally got in the car after what seemed like ages, but when i looked at the clock only 35 minuets had past

"you took your time, diddnt you?" i said " i had to talk to the baby"

" sorry my baby, sorry my little baby" he said jokinly. i laughed as he kissed my tummy then my lips 

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