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Jakes POV

sitting in the waiting room i was more nervous than i normally was. today we would find out the sex of our baby

"Alara McSorly" the nurse said as alara stood upsqueezing my hand we walked hand in hand to the doctors room.

"hi doctor vallet" alara said

"hello Alara" the doctor replied as alara got onto the bed and pulled her shirt up

"this may feel alittle cold" the doctor said calmly, Alara nodded as the doctor started reading the ultrascan. "oh thats weard" the doctor said suprised

"what? whats wrong?" i said paniking as alara looked at me scaired squeezing my hand

"you seem to be having twins" the doctor said "congratulations"

alara smiled at me squeezing my hand as the news sunk inoh my god were having twins. i was overjoyed

"whats the sex?" Alara asked 

"let me see now, ah yes 2 girls" she said as alara gripped my hand tears in her eyes but with a huge grin on her face

this must be the happiest day of my life and it was still early 

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