chapter 1:

My eyes widened when I looked at the pink plus sign on the white stick I just peed on. I could not believe my eyes. I was pregnant?! How could this have happened? I'm a 16 year old girl, who got drunk at her friends party, and slept with my best friends 17 year old brother.Me a statistic?! I looked around my spacious bathroom, everything looked so normal and ordinary with white walls and hot pink accessories, but yet I felt so out of place, so foreign. I walked out of my bathroom, flopped down on my double bed and sighed. I know what to do, I can call Claire, she will know what to do I thought to myself. I dialed the familiar number on my cell and pressed the phone to my ear. I waited as the phone rang, feeling anxious about what she would say, trying to think of what to say to her. Would she be mad?"Hello?" I heard Claire ask questionably in  the other end of my phone."Hello, hey Claire its me." "Oh hey Lar, whats up ?" she asked as I sniffled in the phone. "It's....It's ... It's... I'm so sorry Claire, I was drunk, I didn't mean to I promise" I cried.  "Alara calm down and tell me what this is about" she said in a calm voice.
"Right, you know the party we went to a couple of months ago?"
"Yeah" she said still confused.
"Well, I got really drunk and accidentally  slept with Jake..."
There was a long pause, I could hear her take a deep breath.
"I'm so sorry" I whispered. 
"It's ok I forgive you" she said.I
let out a long breath. God I was so lucky to have such an amazing friend like Claire.
"Claire that's not all, I'm.... I'm.....I'mpregnant."
Caire gasped in the phone.
"Have you told him?" she whispered.
"No I needed to tell you first." 
"You have to tell him, he will understand" she insisted.
"Ok Caire, thanks for everything" I said, letting out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. 
"No worries, what are best friends for" she said weakly. 
"See you at school."
"Yeah bye" she hung up.
I sat staring at the phone for at least 20 minutes before mum hammerd on the door. 
"Hunny are you up yet?" 

Its now or never, I let out a long sigh.
"Mum, can you come in here" I said nervously.
"Sure hun whats up, you look really sad" she said cheerfully. I
handed her the stick.
She turned pale and gasped,"oh Alara, what have you done?" she whispered with  disappointment forming in her eyes. "I'm so sorry mum, I didn't mean to" I cried while she pulled me into a hug. "Who's the father" she soothed."Ummmm Jake, Claire's brother" I managed to get out as I cried, she sighed."Does he know? Does Claire know?"
"Claire knows, Jake doesn't, I'm telling him at school today." 
"Ok Hunny, well I'm here for you, but I think it would be best if you leave, you know how your Dad would react. I will call Dianne today and ask her if you can stop around for awhile."
"Ok Mum thanks for everything" I said as she got up to leave. 
"Hey, what are Mums for hunny, I will pack for you."

I saw Claire by my school locker. When she saw me she ran over, and gave me a tight reassuring squeeze."I'm here for you" she whispered in my ear. Tears pooled into my eyes and I blinked continuously trying to hold them back.
"Thanks so much Claire your the best mate ever" I said, the words came out stronger than I felt as I looked around the gray corridor. 
"Well I do try" she laughed, "come on you have to tell Jake" she said.
I only nodded in agreement as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the corridor towards his locker.
When we reached him I started to feel uneasy and sick."I
will give you two some privacy" Claire said while she gave Jake a glare meaning for him to talk to me.Ever since  the party he has had huge mood swings around me, sometime being very lovely and other times being really harsh. 
"Umm hey ... "I managed to get out.
"Hey, so you wanted to talk" he asked confused. 
"Um, yeah can we go somewhere private" I asked weakly. 
"Sure" he said smiling. I loved his smile, his pearly white teeth shining in the light 
as he led me to the closest empty classroom. When
we walked in, a strong smell of disinfectant hit me. 
"So, you wanted to talk" he said. He had confusion and wonder in his eyes, as he leaned his back against a lab desk.
"Umm yeah I... I'm pregnant."
He gasped in shock, "seriously" he whisperd.
"Yeah I would have told you sooner, but I only found out this morning when I took the test." 
"Who else knows" he finally manged to ask.
"My Mum, Claire, and you" I answered. 
"How did your mum take it" he asked. 
"Ok I guess, she kicked me out" I whispered with fresh tears falling down my face as I realized what happened.
"Oh baby" he sighed pulling me into a tight hug, kissing my hair.
I didn't understand why I felt so safe and loved in his arms, but I did like it.
"Your going to stay at my house ok"he said as a statement more then a question.

"Ok" was all I managed to say.

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