I went to look in the barn and found a years supply of hay and straw for me, aww jake was so sweet. I went to check the 7 stables condition and found that they were all in perfect condition. So I took a wheelbarrow and placed some straw in the wheel barrow and took it back to the stable nearest the house, I layed the straw down at the back of the stable to make a bed for the horse. When I had finished I put all the tack and rugs in the new tack room. Then walked slowly back to the house.

"hey Jake" I said happily

"hey babe" he replied grinning " I know exacally what your about to ask me"

"and what is that?"I asked as he rapped his arms around my waist

" if we can go and collect that horse of yours"he joked I fake gasped

" how did you know?" I teased

"never you mind, come on let's go get her"

Chapter 8

Alara's POV

" woah girl, steady girl" I soothed as my horse spirit bucked and kicked

"alara maybe you should let me do this, she doesn't look happy" Jake said as I struggeld to keep control of spirit

"na it's cool, she's just abut freeked out" I Reasured him as I finally got her into the lorry

"ok, Jake shut the door" I shouted

As Jake shut the door spirit swung round throwing me to the side with aloud bang

"shit, Jake" I screemed as he burst in through the door of the small lorry

I whiped the blood from my face as Jake struggled to get spirit under control

As soon as he did he tied her up then everything went black

"alara?" Jake whisperd shaking me softly

"huh, what ?" I said in a horse voice

"The have stitched your head up, it's time to go home now" he soothed

"oh ok, let's go" I said getting up as he helped me to the car


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