Jakes POV

my hands were sweating, i was so nervous jake tyler was achually feeling sick nervous

she laughed as they brought us lemondade in champaine glasses. this is it, now or never. im gonna choose now

i got down on one knee and pulled out the ring as the light from the candles danced in the dimond stone

"Alara annabelle McSorly, will you do me the honer of becoming Alara Annabelle Tyler?" i asked my voice coming out allot stronger than i felt

the wait for her answer was so nerve racking

" yes" she squeeled i let out a sigh 

"Alara i love you so much, i am truly the happiest man in existance" i said to her

"i loveyou so much too" she said 

i slipped the ring onto her finger, she gasped

"perfect fit" she gasped. i picked her up into my arms and carried her out of the resturant 

she laughed oh man i loved her laugh it was like bellchimes 

"so the babys will be called saphire rose tyler and charlotte ruby tyler" she said hapily 

"perfect" i said kissing her 

" do you want to tell your family now?" alara asked 

"yes mrs. tyler" i joked" have you text your foster mum?" i asked kissing her cheak

"no, i will text her now" she said getting out her phone, kinda silly how alaras foster mum doesnt want anything to do with her and the babies but expects to be texted for updates everyweek

we drove the rest of the way in silence

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