Jakes POV

i put Alara strate to bed knowing she would thank me in the morning, i kissed her soflty on her forhead "goodnight my angel" i whisperd as i left the room.

i shut the door behind me. and went down the wooden staires to the kitchen to fix myself a snack. As i was putting my toast in the toaster i looked at the callinder Alara had pinned to the wall. it was the 14th today which makes tomorrow the 15th i looked at the box. it had written 'baby scan' in Alaras neat writing. ok, so we have a Doctors opointment tomorrow, then i think i may slip the question i have been meaning to ask her for months now. my palms started to sweat at the thought. i wiped them on my jeans, pulled my toast out of the toater and went upstairs to bed.

Alara's POV

i awoke early to my stoumouch churning oh crap morning sickness i thought as i ran to the bathroom. i got their with only seconds to spair as i threw up into the sink.

jake was behind me in seconds pulling my hair out of my face as i was sick again. man this really sucked.

"thanks" i whisperd as he handed me a glass of water and a mint.

"feel better now?" he asked wairely

"yeah" i said looking at the clock. it was 5:30

"sorry i woke you up" i said feeling guilty

"its ok hun, i would rather be with you. by the way we have another baby scan tomorrow" he said "im going back to bed hun"

i brushed my teath to get rid of the vial taste in my mouth " ok " i mumbled my mouth full of toothpaste. he chuckled as he walked back to bed

when i had finished in the bathroom i joined him back inbed. i tossed and turned but couldnt get back to sleep in the end i gave up

"babe, you awake?" jake said softly

"yeah" i whisperd relaxing against his bair chest yawning as my eyes drooped

"sweet dreams baby" 

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