my best friend thought i was a slut? i couldnt belive it. i needed to talk to Rosie, she would know what to do. as i reached the grave yard i found her easily. her stone was so diffrent, in the shape of a rose. i read the plaque. 

' in loving memory of Rose Ann McSorly, god took her to young, we will always love you Rosie, you will be sorrowly missed.  9th April 1986- 10th April 2004 you had allot of bottle

"hey Rosie, its me Alara i need your help. im pregnant with jakes baby. you know claires brother. well it was going ok untill me and claire got into a fight and she called me a slut for getting knocked up at 16"i cryed, "what should i do ? mum kicked me out the house for dads sake"

i sat their and cryed untill i felt walm arms snake around me from behind. as jake sat down behind me i leaned into his chest, putting all my weight into him as he rubbed my small bump. i let out a sigh

" i love you jake" i sighed again he chuckled 

" i love you too Alara" he replyed 

" you ready to go ?" he asked i just nodded not able to talk 

i kissed Rosies toomstone and walked towards the car. 

" i will be 2 seconds" jake said passing me the keys to his car i nodded again

Jakes POV

i waited untill she had got in the car, then leaned down towards Rose's tombstone and said 

" dont worry Rosie i will look after her" i whisperd 

and walked towards the car. i got in and started the engine

" hm im craving some cookies" Alara said 

i laughed " cookies sound good babe" i replyed still chuckling


as i sat her down on my double bed., i went down stairs to get some cookies, 

i put my hand in the yellow cookie jar and took 3 out, put them on a pink plate and walked back upstaires

"hunny? i brought you some cookes" putting them down on the floor by the bed.

" thanks jake, your a ledgend, but im gonna go take a shower. i smell of hospital" she said

" sure sure" i said simply 

claires POV 

man i feel so bad, why did i have to say all that crap about her? she was my best friend, and my brothers girlfriend, has been for about 2 years now. a knock at my door snapped me outta my transe.

" come in" i said 

the door creaks open to find jake standing in the door way 

"oh hey jake come in"

"um hey claire, i forgive you for what you said but you really gotta go say sorry to Alara, i dont think she took it to well" he said sternly

" i know i know" i said 

" ok, well i wanna propose to Alara, i got a rind and everything" he mutterd

" WHAT ?" i splutterd 

"want me to get the ring?" he said 

" um yeah sure" i replyed weakly 

i floped on my bed, oh my gawd, what the fuck is he gonna do ? will they last ?

jake returned passing me the ring, 

"woah jake its huge, a saphire? her favroute stone?" i breathed 

" yeah, do you think she will like it?" he mutterd

" like it? she will LOVE it" i said 

he nodded walking out 

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