Jakes POV

i held Alaras hand as she pulled me into 'mothercare' looking at babybuggies. "this one is so cute, its pink!!" she said exitidly

"babe, im not pushing a pink buggie" i said sternly

"fine" she huffed" how about this one?" she pointed to a black twin size one " perfect" i said looking at the price only £150.00 result

"cool" she said pulling it of the stand and pushing it along

"car seats next" she said pulling me to some pink and purple car seats

"yeah their fine" i said picking them both up and throwing them into the trolly i picked up allong the way

as we walked over to the cots, i noticed alara winsing again, i stopped the trolly and went over to her snaking my arms around her and pulling her close, she welcomed me and rested her head on my chest but pulled away after a second " come on" she said laughing. i returned to the trolly pushing it towards the wooden cots with pink blankets.

" yup their good" i said throwing the boxes into the cart. as alara went to check out grows. as i went towards blankets and pickedout 2 cute pink ones and put them in the cart

she met me as i was looking at dummies and teadybears i picked up 2 dummies, 2 teady bears with pink bows around the neck and 2 feeding bottles 

"ready to go?" i asked

she nodded as we walked slowly to the till. i payed the lady and we went to get a coffee

"so baby names" alara said holding my hand across the table of the coffee house














"hmm i like safron" she said "what about sophia"

"sophia, yeah i like it" i said smiling

"sophia daisy?"

"um, can we call one of them rose or rosie for like a middle name?"she asked

"ofcourse baby" i said as she smiled

"saphire rose?"

"saphire rose, thats perfect" i said

"ok, what about charlotte safron?"

"no to weard, but i like charlotte" i said 

"charlotte ruby? then their both names of jewls" she said

"perfect, so saphire rose and charlotte ruby?" 

"i love them" she said kissing my soflty

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